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Zuzana Fort

Feeling inspired

Hi there, my name is Zuzi Fort and I am - well, it's hard to say these days, I have been and done so many things, since I believe in being as versatile as possible. I am classically trained actor (UWS), have a BA in script writing and directing, have been a journalist, editor and TV reporter/host... I have worked as a drama tutor, youth theater facilitator, producer, writer and director. I have painted sets, made props,designed, printed and distributed promotional materials and worked on publicity. I am also an accredited stunt performer with credits in TV and film and a two year stint in the Universal Studios - Osaka. I have published a book "Wicked- welcome to my private little hell" (though am finding distribution difficult - it is available on Amazon and Borders I just need to make more of an effort) but acting is what I love and need to or have to do... However, it is an uphill journey... Sometimes I am ready to give up, envying people with no aspirations and dreams who are happy simply going through the motions day by day, enjoying the little things in life... I have so many dreams and so much I want to achieve and so many dreams to fulfill and the clock ticking. Recently I have been told that I have missed my boat and am simply too old for the US or any other market... Seems that I have one foot in a retirement village and the other in a grave - if I listen to some people. Yet I know I could still kick the derriere of most women half my age (metaphorically as well as literally). So, I guess I am here to see what and who is out there, to share and to be inspired and inspire if I can. I joined only recently (a real newbie) because I have a new motivation or muse if you like - I am a mum to a most amazing 10 year old girl who has been my inspiration since the day she came into my life, helping me to get my life on track. Six weeks ago I have become a mum again, to another girl and feel that incentive to get off my butt and make my children proud. Being a single mum means they only have me as a role model so I better be a darn good one... I guess making a public (world-wide) announcement of my intention will help me "stay on target" and not give up...I have one or two or five book ideas in my head as well as film and TV scripts, along with ideas for theater productions and of course my own desire to act... There is a lot I feel I have to offer and a s...load I want to give. So, fingers crossed I will find people to receive, will find my audience... Anyhow, nice meeting you all...let's be each other's motivators (for want of a better word)... Take care and cheers, it's time for me to get back to some pooppy nappies and to burping and feeding (seems these days I spend more time with my bosoms hanging out than a stripper) and to being in heaven when my two angels smile at me. Cheers everyone and much love... Zuzi

Una Love

Zuzi, it's never too late! I only launched myself onto the acting market a little over a year ago... Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Zuzana Fort

Oh, I know it's a never ending treadmill, I've been on it since I was a teenager,having been in my 1st fully professional theater production when I was nineteen and I have been going through my paces ever since. It's the staying on it that can be difficult when everyone keeps telling you're past your prime. Particularly when I know I'm nowhere near my prime... But I shall soldier on - I don't have a choice, acting is a need,a life line and an obsession.

Demiurgic Endeavors

Impressive credentials both professional and personal! Sometimes you reap benefits in different arenas. Other times it might be the luck of the draw. You still have the passion to achieve your goals. Self motivation will drive you further than a virtual pat on the back. You've achieved a lot. Becoming an actor is just another hurdle to overcome. Good Luck.

Andres Ramirez

Never give up on your dreams. Success never comes easy and anything that's worth something is always a challenge to obtain. Keep your chin up, the world will be ready to see your greatness!

Patience Gopane

Dont wori it is well dont loose hope stay forcused ur turn is just here ....remeber the time wen u feel its hard thats wen good things comes...

Maura Campbell

Hey, Zuzana, I had four children and lived in RURAL VERMONT when I became a playwright at the age of 38. Fifty plays later - most have been onstage, a screenplay in development, I'm a director, producer. In short, I was there. And you are telling the story that I lived. Be well, keep working, whatever happens, don't stop. I, too, wish sometimes that I didn't have this drive, or that I made quilts that I could sell! Alas, it's this world. You must belong here.

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