Introduce Yourself : Film Dreams by Darrett Sanders

Darrett Sanders

Film Dreams

Hello fellow artists and wonderful technicians. The universe gifted our production a well deserved three year wrap recently. We took our original stage play and adapted it to screen. The journey is still ongoing but we finally completed principal photography this last month. We tried traditional models and crazy new models in trying to get this black and white film noir comedy off the ground. It took much perseverance and the help of many folks from around the world to make it happen. An independent film journey for sure. If you want to know more check out our behind the scenes portal or check out our main website at Many people struggle to bring their art and passions alive. I know Stage 32 is a site for many who are looking to connect and learn from others. Perhaps our journey will inspire others. Our film would be nothing without the skills and talents of so many artists and technicians. I believe the universe is here to support our endeavors. Why else would all of this exist? Our project is proof of that. I wish all my best to all Stage 32 members in their endeavors.

"Why fall in love with a broad you can trust? That's like reading a book you already know the ending to."

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