Introduce Yourself : Finally joining the "Introduce Yourself" lounge! by Bernice Ye

Bernice Ye

Finally joining the "Introduce Yourself" lounge!

Hello from Seattle!

I first heard about Stage 32 after watching the webinar with Chris Mack from Netflix, and after that, it was a no-brainer to join!

I'm new to screenwriting but I have been doing standup comedy for quite a while. A rebel "girl" born during China's one-child policy, I have always been an outsider and the one who beats the odds. I came to American by myself 16 years ago and worked my way up to be a leader in tech (Microsoft, Hulu, Disney), only to discover my true passion in standup comedy and creative writing. In a world that's divided more than ever, my passion is to bridge cultures and empower immigrants through authentic storytelling.

In Feb 2021, I left my day job at Hulu so I can focus on standup and screenwriting fulltime. Very glad that I found Stage 32, I hope to make more connections here!

Marjolein Smit

Hi Bernice,

Wow what a story. You are so brave! Taking my hat off to you. Standup is very tough. But after coming to the USA by yourself I know you’ll crack it. I am Marjolein ( spoken as Mar-yo-line) but go by Mack. I am from Holland. I studied acting and theatre making in Amsterdam. After lots of normal jobs I missed being creative and turned to screenwriting. I also blog for Stage32. You can find me at on Insta and Twitter under @fadeintomack. I would love to introduce you to another screenwriter friend of mine. David DeHaas. I can help you build your connections. Let’s chat/mail/tweet or Insta and get your connections counter up, up, UP! Greetings Mack

Harvey Read

Hey Bernice! Wonderful story.

Like you, I was introduced to the platform through Chris Mack, and then realised the great community of people that are sourced here. I am predominantly a screenwriter, so I would be happy to help you to tell your vision.

Hope you are doing well!

Marjolein Smit

Hi Harvey,

I just requested to become a member of your “pack”. Promise I’ll behave. And I am potty trained and all. Haha. Welcome to Stage 32! Chris Mack knocked it out of the park didn’t he?

Soooo good. Anywhoo let’s connect. Have a great weekend. Greetings Mack

David DeHaas

Hi nice to meet you.. sounds like you are living the dream!

David C. Velasco

Welcome Brenice :) You've come to the right place!

Bernice Ye

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and connection!!

Mack, I just followed you on IG and Twitter, I'm excited to continue our connections in all the channels!

Harvey, David and David - great to meet you here and I will reach out via messages! and feel free to pop in your social and I will follow you there! I'm @bernicecomedy on IG/Twitter/Tiktok :)

Marjolein Smit

Hi Bernice! Yup I saw. Thank you for connecting with me. Love you feed. Who doesn’t need a comedian in their life? I will follow you on Tik Tok too. Let’s go connect crazy

Stephanie Madison

Welcome, Bernice! It's great to "e-meet" you. I'm new here too and also just starting out in screenwriting. Good for you on following your passions for standup and creative writing!! :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Doe

Congratulations on your success and hope that they get bigger.


Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Bernice!

Monica Mansy

Hi, Bernice Ye, WOW what a great story! It's inspiring to hear about your steps to chase your passions over everything. What genres are you interested in writing?

Bernice Ye

Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone :) Hello Monica! Starting off, I’m writing a tv pilot for a 30 min dramedy. I like telling stories serious/dark stories with humor which is something i do in my standup comedy too. Just finished my first draft and will work on my rewrite. As I learn my skills and craft better, I want to work my way up to drama and full feature too.

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