Introduce Yourself : Fresh meat by Samantha Spurgin

Samantha Spurgin

Fresh meat

Hello all, I've just this minute joined, I'm an actress based in London, I also write and I'm beginning to dabble in producing, hello everybody.

Peter Lawton

Hello! I just joined a few hours ago as well.

Eric Pagan

Welcome to Stage 32 Samantha & Peter!

Phil Fiumano

Best of Luck !

Pierre Langenegger

Hello Samantha.

Owen Mowatt

Welcome Samantha

Shawn Speake

Hey, Samantha! Welcome!

Amanda Toney

you're definitely in the right community, Samantha! Great to have you here :) any projects you're working on now?

Shari D. Frost

Welcome Samantha!

Samantha Spurgin

I'm currently finishing a tour of beauty and the beast, on the hunt for exciting projects to get involved with x

Pat Andrew

Welcome ;)

Jason Freeman Manson

Hello Sam, I'm pretty new also, great network to be involved with

Michael J Smyth

Hi Samantha

Mike Romoth

You will enjoy this site. It has everyone from beginners to seasoned pros, and there is a lot to learn from everyone's experiences. Best of luck.

Xiomara Bernard

Hello Samantha, welcome!

Jon Sewell


Michael Eddy

Just out of curiosity - how does one "dabble" in producing?

Roberta Griffin

Hello Samantha. Very good to meet you. I truly believe you're going to enjoy this place. Some of us have been here a while because it's an awesome place to be. You're going to find a wealth of very good people here willing to help, advise and cheer you on when the times arise. Glad you could join our Stage 32 family.

David Kurtz

Welcome from Northern California!

Lonie Nichols

Welcome Samantha, Best o fLuck!

Jennifer Moylan-Taylor

Hi! Welcome Samantha, I am also an actress/writer/producer working in London. We should connect

Susan McEvoy

Hello, Samantha. I'm a writer/producer based in Utah.

Marilyn Du Toit

Welcome Samantha, I am from South Africa.

Andre Corrales

Greetings from Southern California!

Albert Zayat

Funny heading. Sense of humor, good.

Phil Fiumano

please follow me Sam Linkedin/ Phil Fiumano Twitter/NYRockstv Facebook/NYRockstv or Phil Fiumano Viemo/NYRockstv

Yvette Dubel

Hi Samantha!

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