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Diana Laskaris

Fun Attorney

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I visited so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I'm an attorney currently based in Chicago but licensed in NY as well. I spent Act I of my career as a development and production executive as well as a writer so I personally know both the creative and "suit" sides of entertainment industry. For Act II I've had a private law practice helping individuals and companies with their transactional needs, from drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts to setting up businesses, finding and managing resources and more. Oh, I also wrote a book called "The Future of Fun: Evolving Entertainment and the Nature of Play." I like to tell people I wrote the book on fun! I've also got a big personal development tool set and I love aiding people in overcoming blocks and charting a course for the success and contentment they desire. I'd love to hear what you're doing so please say Hi!

Allen Lynch

Welcome back Diana!

Anthony Moore

Hi Diane. For future reference, do you help individuals with contracts on script sales? I'm out of Chicago and looking to sell a script soon. It would be great to have an entertainment lawyer in my network who's relatively close by.

Jeff Langham

Well, that's a first. Fun and Lawyer usually don't go together! Except for Saul Goodman, and he doesn't mean to be fun. Good luck to you and keep the fun no matter what else you have attached to it!!!!

Toni Deaver

Welcome back Diana.

Izzibella Beau

Welcome, Diane. I will definitely have to check out your book.

Kelley Christene Watson

Hi Diana - I am a former Chicagoan who has received a plethora of Hollywood Exec interest for a memoir I am writing. To date I have scored a 5 in all categories of my pitch report, so I may be looking for representation soon.

Diana Laskaris

For those who mentioned representation - I have a broad practice and also do provide coaching regarding both the business and the personal side of managing this wacky world. I do not serve as an agent, i.e., finding someone to buy your script or invest in your project, although I can create the documents and structures required for private placements, etc. I do just about everything you could want for getting the best deal possible - no matter how creative it needs to be :) And, yes, I still am fun. Did I mention I was VP of National Lampoon once upon a time? But that's a whole 'nother story! Please feel to get in touch directly if you want to talk about having an experienced attorney in your corner

James Drago

Very nice to meet you, Diana. Your post is inspiring.

DrJake Caputo

Hello from another Chicagoan...:)

Kelley Christene Watson

Writing my memoir. Hopefully i will need to hire you.

Marsha Cook

Hi - Just decided I should come on and say hello . I've been hearing how great this site is so here I am.

Pamela Bolinder

Hello, Marsha! Welcome.

Pamela Bolinder

Diana Laskaris, hi. I like that: "creative and "suit" side". Sent invite.

Adrian-Asia Petty

Hello, Diana!

Darcy Smith

Hello there!

Laurie Woodward

Love the concept of your book. Creativity IS fun. Happy creating, Diana.

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