Introduce Yourself : Geeky Wookie-Hobbit hybrid ( writer and inventor ) by Trevor Rose

Trevor Rose

Geeky Wookie-Hobbit hybrid ( writer and inventor )

Hi all ... I hope you enjoy that title description, I sometimes describe myself as looking like the love-child of a Hobbit with gigantism that shagged a Wookie after a big night out at The Green Dragon ( or a Wookie with a Brazilian ) ... partly because I think it’s accurate, partly because it also sums up my inner self, and partly because I know that when you use descriptions like this, it will instantly put off all the boring conservative people whose company would make me want to gnaw my own arm off to escape anyway.This should also give you some idea of how I write.I’ve done more than 100 jobs in my life plus 20 years formal and informal tertiary level study and research as part of a 30 year obsession with the quantification of Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability via the principles of Ecological Systems Modelling & Thermodynamics, as a basis for the development of non-species-biased, non-property/trade/currency-based, and non-hierarchical (aka anarchic) justice economics & politics ...... and this is the subject matter of a series of books I’m now writing, which are largely academic in nature, but which I hope will form part of a set of geeky background materials for a sci-fi screenplay which relates these ideas to a fictional storyline.I’m also working on a Project Collaboration Development & Resource Allocation Framework which I hope to prototype and test on my own books/films/games production process, before opening it up for others to use.I would very much like to do some acting as a way of developing my writing skills, but also with a view to one day directing ( and understanding the actor’s perspective in that process ).

If anyone has any projects I can get involved in ( Australia or NZ ) I’m keen to work in every aspect of production so that I really understand what goes into it.

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