Introduce Yourself : Give me all your Mexican food. by Ben Morse

Ben Morse

Give me all your Mexican food.

But also hello. I'm Ben. I've been a freelance director and photographer for six years, mostly in the music industry. I've shot lots of stuff, all over the world. Read my bio if you want the gory details, I suppose. But I'm here because I want to get more creative, and move into shorts / Drama. I'm particularly excited to talk to any screenwriters who have a passion project they'd like to get off the ground. Music promos are fun, and I have a ton of experience, but a larger, collaborative project is what's next. Pleased to meet you all. Now give me a burrito. EDIT: This went live today: Shot it last month on the road. Pretty simple, but still - proof I'm not lying:

In his My Year 2020 interview, M. Shadows opens up about the Black Lives Matter movement, the lessons he learned this year, and how the new Avenged Sevenfold album is shaping up (spoiler: it's ​"not…
Sam Nicholson

Hey Ben, I've got a great little quirky 'dramedy' if you'd like to read the pitch. Just accept my request and I can send it to you. Cheers!

CJ Walley

Hello Ben. Pass the taquitos will you?

Ben Morse

I think this a virtual chat room, CJ, so it's unlikely that there's any Mexican food here, sadly.

CJ Walley

That'll explain why this keyboard tastes bloody awful then.

Lina Jones

Hello Ben and welcome good luck!

Ben Morse

thanks everyone. Sam - fire it on over!

Eve Wignall

hello dear all,was make-up/hair designer in BBC London for years, now freelance,worked on some lovely things,and now enjoy time out,and so,so appreciative of how you have responded to The Sarah Jones story.The problems from some productions in the UK,have been highlighted because of "over the pond"discussions.Take care all.

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

Ben, I'm an award-winning writer, a screenwriter with several passion projects, two published books, AND my website has lots of my family's great Mexican food recipes. Enjoy.

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