Introduce Yourself : Good morning. by William Dickerson

William Dickerson

Good morning.

I'm new to Stage 32 so I thought I'd say...hello! I'm a filmmaker and author. I've written and directed the films "Detour," "The Mirror" and most recently "Don't Look Back." I've published a novel, "No Alternative," which I plan to make into one of my next films. I will also be publishing a "how-to" book on microbudget filmmaking early next year. I look forward to connecting with the fine members of S32. I'm excited to now be one of you! Best, William

Richard "RB" Botto

Awesome to have you and your talents here on 32, William. Very impressive. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Anthony A Snow

Happy Holidays William! If you ever have a role you think I might be right for please let me know. Thanks!

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Hi William - welcome! I do like the trailer. I'm a huge fan of such genre - 127 hours / frozen / burried - I'm still waiting for Gerard's Game film adaptation - but this definitely works for me.

Dara Taylor

First of all, your Title art is immediate click bait. I saw it and just had to see where it led me and I definitely was not disappointed! It looks like a wonderfully gripping emotional ride! Welcome!

Steve Lareau

Just one world AWESOME, it's so intriguing and it really make you want to see more! Thank you for sharing your trailer, you are a very talented man William. Really hope to see your work at the OWTFF one day ;-) Take care

Amanda Toney

Welcome to the community, William! Since you're brand new, check out these two articles and I think these will give you a ton of insight on how to best use the site and network with other creatives. SO great to have you here and I wish you all the best! :)

William Dickerson

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, guys! And thanks for the kind words re: the trailer. I look forward to seeing you all around as well!

Lina Jones

Hi William, Welcome love your trailer welcome to the stage, the book you are writing sounds like its going to be full of information. I am the host of a talk radio show where self-employed and talents like yourself can come on and get some free publicity for their projects. If you would like some contact me. Good luck!

Lauran Childs


Pinar Tarhan

Hi William! Welcome to the community! I'd love to check out your book on microbudget filmmaking. I'm a screenwriter and a freelance writer and blogger; though I'd love to be able to fund my own ideas/films.

William Dickerson

@Lina, I'd be happy to do the show -- perhaps early next year when the book comes out. Thanks for the invitation!

William Dickerson

@Pinar, I will let you know when the book is released. Stay tuned!

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