Introduce Yourself : Graphic Designer turned Screenwriter by Lily Blaze

Lily Blaze

Graphic Designer turned Screenwriter

According to the big banner, it's introduce yourself weekend. I joined this site a few days ago, and introduced myself then. But I didn't say my goals and dreams. or my art/writing background. So I'm doing that now.

I have a background in multimedia. Worked as a computer graphic designer in publishing, advertising, and marketing. Though I'm new to screenwriter, many times I've found my background and work experience has helped a lot with learning screenwriting ropes. Write a logline? No problem! It's pretty much the same as writing promo copy for business ads.

With three short film spec scripts completed, I'm now working on feature length scripts. One horror and the other dark low fantasy. I like dark and weird. Mostly horror fantasy. That's just what I do.

My goals constantly change and evolve. Right now, as a new screenwriter, all I really want is for people to let me know if my scripts suck and/or if I'm on the right track. If I'm on the wrong track, I'd want to know that, too. I firmly believe there no such thing as negative feedback. There's useless online trolls who are impossible to reason with, but that's another story.

Bruno Bizarro

Welcome Lily!

Phil Clarke

Hi Lily. Welcome! You certainly sound like you have the right attitude. This bodes well. I'm always keen to help those writers who truly want to help themselves. Feel free to stop by for a chat anytime.

Lily Blaze

Thank you! Having the right attitude is everything. I also have a dry sense of humor. It keeps me sane. :)

Earl Tom Devere

Welcome, Lily. Humor always helps in life. Humor keeps us all sane. I am not much into horror, but there is a huge market for it. I personally am not much into horror, but keep me in mind if you want to sample cross over potential.

Lily Blaze

Thanks, Leonard! I often cross genres. I'm not one to adhere to only one genre. So, I just might write scripts that's crosses more into drama and comedy. I will definitely keep you in mind!

Tennyson Stead

Good to meet you, Lily Blaze! Thank you for taking the Introduce Yourself Weekend Challenge!

Tennyson Stead

...also, having read your profile, I invite you to let me know if there's anything I can do to help! My own involvement in the Stage 32 community escalated when my experience with traumatic brain injury (I got hit in the head with a sword on a set, like you do...) started running rampant as inspiration porn, and I wrote my first blog as counter-programming.

While I'm not disabled anymore, I'm definitely here to support what Jenni Gold calls "cinemability." Thank you for not giving up on yourself or your craft!

Rebekah Bullen

Hi lily. If you want me to read anything I’m happy to. I have a masters in screenwriting from London college of communication, university of the arts London.

I am looking to make contacts with other screenwriters who are interested in collaborating. I’m looking at collaborating as a director, as I enjoy developing stories but I’m not so interested in screenwriting myself.

I’m very interested in horror as well. Though I prefer the creepy horror rather than the gore fest horror.

Also, just as an aside, I have a background in graphic design too.

Lily Blaze

Tennyson, thanks so much! It's never easy. but writing enables me so much. I'm going to keep going no matter what.

Hi Rebekah! Nice to meet a fellow graphic designer. I'm also more into creepy than gorefest. For me, atmosphere and the psychology are more of a writing challenge. Gore for the sake of gore, kinda bores me. The scripts I've finished so far, I've uploaded to my profile. It sounds like my short Sand Crystal might be more your thing.

Unfortunately, right now, I have a budget of zero. I signed up to the site without knowing there's a lot of paid services here. Good to know, and maybe in a couple of months I'll have a better budget.

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