Introduce Yourself : Great place to make some friends by Maurizio Adamo

Maurizio Adamo

Great place to make some friends

First days at Stage 32 and I'm seeing a lot of people here who have my same dreams. I'm 32 and I'm running a video agency in Italy called FERTYLIZE. I'm doing commercials for the most (this is where money come from at the moment) but I am producing my own stuff too (and this is where dreams come true) documentaries, short movies and microseries*. I have been in L.A. last summer and I shot a documentary called "How to make it in L.A." (you can watch the trailer on my stage 32 profile) and then there is another project that I would like to show you called "uno di troppo" an instagram series, 8 episodes 15 secs each (also posted on my Stage 32 profile with eng subs). I'm sharing these works with you just to let you know what I'm doing. I think this is the best way to understand if there is any affinity between me and you. Glad to be here.

Eric Pagan

Greetings Maurizio!

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Maurizio!

K Kalyanaraman

Good place to park your ideas and talent, Maurizio. I am certain you will find a lot of like minded individuals in S32.

Sy Shanti

Hello Maurizio, welcome to stage 32. FYI,Kass and Shawn are two of the coolest and talented people you can possible meet here.

Felp Scott

Hey man, welcome Stage32, where in italy are you? i got family there, near rome in umbria :D

Maurizio Adamo

Hi Felp, I live in Treviso for the moment. A little city very close to Venice. If I will see your family around here I will let you know!

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