Introduce Yourself : Greeting to everyone at Stage32... by Shawn Carlson

Shawn Carlson

Greeting to everyone at Stage32...

I have taken my book and adapted it into a screenplay for a feature film. I'm probably like everyone else here, I'm looking for that big break or opportunity.

Alex R Price

Same here. A lot of people like true life stuff. I'm friends with some people that have an amazing story. Gonna go talk to them and ask if they will let me write the screenplay. If not then I'll start adapting one of my novels.

Rosalind Winton

I don't have a book, but I have written a screenplay based on the true story about my Great Grandparents, I'm enjoying writing it so much, I don't think I want to finish it lol, seriously though, I'm hoping to have it finished by early next year and then take it to the next stage, I've had three lots of industry feedback so far, which has been quite positive and I've learned a great deal along the way :)

John Ellis

Best advice I can give - make something. Learn, get better, make some more. Get a body of work done and you'll find more doors opening, over time.

Marie Adler

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help me?! I'm being defamed, extorted and bullied on #Stage32 with absolute fiction and I cant seem to find a contact number for this company nor a physical address! Do you and/or anyone you know have a number and/or address for this company? Do you know anyone that has actually secured financing from this site? I only see services being sold. I would appreciate the help if you have time. Thanks in advance for your help.

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