Introduce Yourself : Greetings! Another newbie screenwriter by Hazal Senkoyuncu

Hazal Senkoyuncu

Greetings! Another newbie screenwriter

Hi everyone. This is Hazal. I recently graduated with a Media Studies degree in Vancouver, Canada. I interned in various fields (politics, non-profit, etc.) as a writer except film and tv, and that is where my passion lays (hah!). I am currently in Turkey, stuck in my family home, and developing my first screenplay as I wait for the right time to return and begin chasing my cinematic dreams. 

I am standing at the beginning of a road many of you all already traveled. I am looking forward to learning from you all. Glad to be here. 

PS. If anyone has any leads in Vancouver I'd so appreciate it. I am open to unpaid/low budget work, too. Here to learn.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai


Allen Lynch

Welcome & Good Luck Hazal!

Jae Sinclair

You're coming in with a great mindset. Good luck to you. Feel free to follow my journey on ig @bySinclair or facebook @bysinclairfilms.

Brett Hoover

Welcome Hazal. Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your time on Stage 32. I'm new to screenwriting myself and have found this community of creatives to be inspiring.

Bill Albert

Welcome and good luck.

Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

Hazal Senkoyuncu

Feeling very welcomed :)Thank you everyone!

Craig Hall


Maria Johnsen

welcome Hazal

James Hare


Phil Clarke

Welcome, Hazal. Hope you're staying safe, sane and creative during these strange times. Here if you want to discuss your work or the craft in general.

John Ellis


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