Introduce Yourself : Greetings & Blessings Be Upon You... by Juliez Frazier

Greetings & Blessings Be Upon You...

Been acting for a few. Lovin it too much. Got an ongoing episode, Simple Lives, going on now. Looking forward to many to come. Let's collab on the next one & make this look good! Thanks for reading...

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Juliez - boy oh boy did this clip shock me! You have such a good headshot, so I'm imagining this clip to be a happy-go-lucky clip, but did you shock me! Holy crap you were creepy with that mask on! Great job in this short. Glad you're here in the community. What are you working on now? What is Simple Lives?

Debbie Croysdale

This really got me edge of my seat, shocking as Stage 32 point out. I hope she escapes, was gut wrenching watching.

Juliez Frazier

Greetings Julie, thank you so much for your comments; much appreciated. Simple Lives is an edgy "Crash" like movie-esque type of TV series that will be slated for June 2016. We've already shot 4 episodes but plan to go for 6 to end season 1. I'm lovin' Stage 32! So much talent on this platform! Looking forward of what's to come...

Juliez Frazier

Greetings Debbie, I'm sure this type of short wants nothing but the best for her but she was a bully all her life & revenge happens when you least expect it. Glad you enjoyed it...

Debbie Croysdale

@Juliez YEP I agree...... What goes around always.......always comes around. There are some little tin Gods in this world who think they are invincible, time will tell.

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