Introduce Yourself : Greetings from Scotland! by Simon Kay

Simon Kay

Greetings from Scotland!

Hi Guys,

Just joined up today and looking forward to getting to know all you like minded people! I have just completed my first feature film Shadowland here in Scotland and as we speak am putting the deliverables together for our sales agent. I'm in pre-production on a couple of other projects and signed up here to of course make contacts to help bring our films to life but also do the same for others if I can, We're all in this together after all!

All the best to you all and your projects and I've put link to our trailer below so you can have a look should you feel the inclination.

Brent Bergan

Looks awesome! Congrats.

Pamela Segger

Yikes! (I'm a wuss when it comes to horror...) Congratulations, Simon! Your first feature. What a feat. Hey, I live in New Scotland (Nova Scotia) where a co-writer/producer friend of mine started a new horror festival here. Accept my network request and I'll tell you more. :) Cheers...

Simon Kay

Thanks Brent, Good luck with Pressure Point as well sounds great!

Brent Bergan


Simon Kay

Thanks Pamela and I have done, Yeah I like to think I'm seasoned then I'll see something I cant shake and question my passion! Hope you're being treated to better than rain as opposed to the old Scotland just now.

Todd Sorrell

Great work Simon!

Brent Bergan

Thanks PB! I haven’t seen the SEAL team show yet... I’ll check it out. I’ll definitely look at how to make this a series. I’ve been reading about writing for a movie, but, I’ll have to research the script elements for a series... I would imagine it’s a bit different. Sounds like a good project.

Brent Bergan

Thanks buddy!

Becca Carroll Guido

Brilliant Simon! What an exciting journey! I highly recommend the Webinars here! They really help up one's game! Especially during these fluid times! :)

Marjolein Smit

Hi Simon,

Nice to meet you. Congrats on Shadowland. You must feel on top of the world right now. And rightly so! Awesomeballs! I can’t get the link to work. Or is that just me? I would love to see what you did. I am Marjolein (aka Mack) a screenwriter and blogger for Stage 32 from Holland. I am organizing a Zoom Table Read at the moment and doing some interviews for new Stage32 posts. If you ever need help with something, feel free to let me know. Have a great weekend. Greetings Marjolein

Miroslav Trcak

Simon Kay Nice to meet you :)

Sara Dee

Great to meet you Simon! Always good to meet someone from our lovely isle. Oh joy! Deliverables! my partner is a sound supervisor, designer and mixer, basically does all post sound jobs and HATE's deliverables with a passion! (Martin Pavey) I hope you don't mind them too much. It's fascinating to hear you've just completed a feature. Not easy to do at the moment and never was at the best of times. I can't get the link you've quoted to work either so please reveal all when you can. I'm a great supporter of pushing indies, especially on Twitter, so do keep in touch. @1stsaradee

Gerard Thoolen

Hi Simon, when I click on the link I get ´page not found´...

Richard "RB" Botto

Boom. Welcome aboard, Simon. Think you're getting an early feel for how amazing and collaborative this community is. Very much looking forward to your contributions.

Steffany Lohn Sommers

Congrats and welcome!

Christian Nommay

Congratulations, Simon! And welcome!

Lyter Daniel


Anthony Rodriguez

Hi Simon. Your web page connection was not found. Just thought I'd let you know..

Cherelynn Baker

Huzzah! Welcome to Stage 32!

Ricki Linksman

Congratulations! That is a great achievement. Welcome to this great community.

Henrietta Szentes

Congratulations for this achievement . Welcome here ; I am new too.

Simon Kay

Thank you all so much and very nice to meet you all! It’s been a bit of a crazy time but I look forward to having a proper chat with you all soon and getting our connections working for us all! Shadowland was released in the UK 01/03/21 on sky store etc, and we are currently in talks for the other territories. And thanks for letting me know about the link I’ve put the new link below.

Christian Nommay

This looks very cool! Congratulations again, Simon!

Anthony Rodriguez

Shadowland looks to be a good one! Great suspense, excellent use of sound and music to increase intensity. I will watch it. If you need actors, check out my promo tale on my Stage 32 site.

Kathy "Kay" Patterson

Kudos and Welcome to Stage 32 Simon. Shadowland looks cool!

Dominic Flint

Trailer is fantastic. Looking forward to watching movie.

Sara Dee

Watched the trailer. So good to see a cast that are totally invested in the work. Nicely shot and a great genre!

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