Introduce Yourself : Greetings from a VFX artist by Beau Janzen

Beau Janzen

Greetings from a VFX artist

Hey Everyone, I'm a VFX artist with over 23 years experience. I'm shifting into freelance full-time, and wanted to post my reel. If anyone needs VFX supervision or production assistance, check out my reel and drop me a line.

Becky Loyd

Wow! Great work.

Lynn P. H. Adrian

Amazing. I adore you!

Ivan Alexei Dominguez

Beau, you know what you do. Excellent work. Thank you! Regards

Eric Pagan

Nice reel!

Beau Janzen

Thanks all for the kind words!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Wow, what an amazing talent you are. Impressive reel!

Raghu Nandan

its a masterpiece :) Good job

Gian G. Foschini

Outstanding! Magnifico!

Mary Khalil

Breathtaking ,inspiring

Mike Romoth

Nice to see such a heap of professional-grade work. Best of luck with the freelance life.

Angel Matheson

Great reel.

Ignacio Blanco

impressive job!!

James Hughes

Very impressive work

Jeffrey Gold

Excellent work! Also liked your Pythagorean proofs (one of them belongs to a U.S. president, doesn't it?) and the ol' Gauss idea. The method I heard Gauss used was by adding the series and its reverse...100 instances of 101, and dividing by 2. Presto: 5050!

Shant Hamassian

I think you and I are going to work together...

Beau Janzen

I appreciate all the compliments - thanks so much! And Jeffrey, thanks for checking out my math videos. That is honestly my real passion, but they currently don't do much to pay the bills. And you're right - President Garfield does have a Pythagorean proof credited to him, but it requires a bit of algebra, and I had to stick to purely visual proofs.

Nici Brückner

Very nice !

Gazanfer Biricik

great job

Ifa Cush

Hello Beau. What's your e-mail address? I want a quote for a script.

Kem Royale

Beau thank you for the priviledge of watching your reel. I'm in awe of your mastery. Please puruse this - if you will? Are these logical, in your expert opinion?

Jon Bonnell

Amazing... although, damn it, there was a spoiler in there for Gotham, but I won't show my daughter. I'd love to work together someday. We should talk.....

Yasmin Neal

Greetings can you inbox me your rates for a script?

Beau Janzen

Hi Ifa and Yasmin. If you are looking for a quote for visual effects work, the way that typically works is a VFX supervisor can make a bid based on a specific shot list that has been storyboarded out or at least has been clearly defined. Without that shot definition, there is really no way to get an accurate idea of that the shot entities and make an accurate bid.

Yasmin Neal

gotcha! I was not familiar with the process. WIll get back with you.

Beau Janzen

Thanks Jon, and don't worry - those aren't spoilers. The Gotham shots on my reel were actually from a different Gotham. It was a network pilot that never got picked up. The VFX were just too expensive. But hey, it at let gave me some cool stuff for my reel.

Jon Bonnell

Bummer, now I'm not in the cool, hipster, knew it before everyone else, club. ;)

Ifa Cush

Hello Beau. What's your email address? I'll send the script for your review.


Niiiiiiiiice! : )

James David Sullivan


Ernie Madera

Impressive reel , Beau. Do you reside in Hollywood ? Currently in final stages of development with Project and would like to engage in talks with interest to your skills. Hi Beau- my email is ( raindropsproductions@ I would like to engage in talks with you as I attach my key elements to film package. Hope to hear from you soon. Ernie Madera

Bruce Mercury

Real Professional work..I have a big SCI FI film in development. Please contact me anytime.

Kalisa Moore

Beau =) a brilliant piece of work! Awesome!! Fantastic!! Fantabulous!!

Ifa Cush

Beau, I have a shot definition that I want to send to you. Are you interested in bidding for this? What is your email address?

Ernie Madera

Hi Beau - my contact is raindropsproductions@

Jex Resheske

true amazing talent. That is all. :)

Jennifer Moylan-Taylor


Peter Nørgaard

Great work, Beau Janzen.! Thank you, Beau & welcome to SUCH MUCH anno 1536, Denmark, Scandinavia, when some of our BASIC ideas, can mix with your great talents ... Have fun & take care, Peter

Kirk Johnson

We'd be interested, check out our project at

Liz Taylor

Woaaahhhhh Beau! ...That was spectacular !!!!!

Mike Sanders

I never cease to admire the time and patience and foresight that goes into this type of work, excellent.

Steven Payne

Very impressive! My hat is off to you. If I could get a decent budget on a project I'd love to come back to you.

Ernestho Ravelo

Hi Beau Janzen.. Iam A VFX Supervisor ..Can I Help U In Anything 2D post-production .,Digital Paint(VFX Or Stereo) And ROTO(VFX Or Stereo)And Match-Move? That's help full for Us .Test Us To Know Our Quality For ‘’ Free Raid ’’ ------------Refresh your spirit on our service --------ThankYou

Lion Morgan

Great Job,Bro!

Wendy Nichols

That is amazing. Thanks for posting it.

Adam Gary

Wow, some great stuff here man! Awesome!

Simon Berry

Highly impressive, amazing work :)

June Inuzuka

Wow! Fantastic work. I'm working on a screenplay now that will need some special effects. Will keep you in mind.

Rose Waldschmidt


Chanel Ashley

Not bad, Beau, have you done any work with Rising Sun Pictures from Adelaide?

Raghu Nandan

Your work is superb (Y)

Clint Camilleri

awsomee work !! well done

Douglas Clark


Andrea Cossi

Amazing! Great Job!

Linda Bradshaw Rogers

Excellent! I'll be in touch.

Drew Dutton

Very nice work.

Spike Thurbon

Fantastic work and some great projects!

Chanel Ashley

Had another look, gets better all the time - not just paying you a compliment, like everyone else, acknowledging your talent, cheers.

Rikki Gibbs

Oh wow! Awesome work!

Pamela Williford

Wonderful Work!!!

David Pepper

fantastic work!

Korak Day

Wow!! i wish i could afford you for my films!! one day for sure i will have have more brilliant VFX from you

Tony Davis

Your film was great, I would like to get with you to discuss the possibility of some work in the up comming months

Shane M Wheeler

Very impressive, excellent reel!

Dara Taylor

Nice!!! Color me impressed, Beau. This is an amazing reel.

Miguel Campos

I am a composer, but I get simply passionate about the artistry of you vfx people! All the best!

Steve Payne

Sheer quality! Excellent reel.

Julie Merrick


Beau Janzen

Thanks everyone for the kind words- I appreciate it!

Alise Ambaine

wow, it just so amazing. Wonders of VFX artists like you always leave surprised.

Virginia Bach

It's awsome and very inspirational. Thanks for the post!

Malcolm Carter

Very Very cool!

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