Introduce Yourself : Handful of Thieves - INTERNATIONAL backer wanted! by Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

Handful of Thieves - INTERNATIONAL backer wanted!

HANDFUL OF THIEVES is a fast moving bank heist movie set in southern Spain, that's wrapped a love story between two thieves: one American, the other Spanish.

I'm just about to appoint an acclaimed Spanish Casting Director in Madrid, and we'll be approaching three 'acclaimed Spanish actors' that would immediately attract a minimum of half the £6m ($7.4m) budget needed. The script has been nommed for two awards, one being in Stage 32's Annual Screenplay Drama award, and I'll then approaching U.S talent to fill the three American bank robbers who fly into Spain to rob a tiny village bank in the middle of nowhere, (Think The Good, the Bad & the Ugly meets No Country for Old Men).

I'm looking for contacts at or connected with serious Indie backers like A24, Neon, Sony Picture Classics, Focus Features, Fox Searchlight etc to open initial conversations.

Any genuine contacts please email me at, Richard Harrison, Writer/Director.

P.S I've been a Stage 32 member for a few years and I've had at least two Execs seriously circulating this screenplay through the 'Pitch Sessions' which I highly recommend!

Richard "RB" Botto

Good on you for taking matters in your own hands, Rich. Can't wait for anyone's permission in this biz. Here's to getting it funded and rolling.

Richard Harrison

Thanks Richard. I have to be honest man.....your 'live Q&A's' really inspired me! I'm waiting for no one - the film's happening!

Maurice Vaughan

Hey, Richard Harrison! How's it been!? I just noticed "Trust no one. Take everything" on the poster. Great tagline for the movie!

Richard Harrison

Thanks Maurice! How are you man? Any traction with your scriptwriting or screenplays? Good to hear from you. Rich

Richard "RB" Botto

Love hearing that, Rich! I love doing the AMA's, but you never know if people are truly taking away value. You've brought me value by letting me know. Much appreciated, my friend.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Richard Harrison. I'm great, thanks. I've been working on some jobs, rewriting scripts, and pitching projects. All in 2023.

Walter Horsting

Hi Richard.

Leonardo Ramirez

Hey Richard Harrison - love that poster! Nicely done! Love the premise as well!

Dorota Zglobicka

awesome poster! congrats!

Richard Harrison

Thanks Dorota. Rich

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