Introduce Yourself : Happy Spring, Ya'll! by Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson

Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson

Happy Spring, Ya'll!

Hope everyone's had a lovely March so far!

I know I am eager for Spring to get here and it's just about time for all the exciting warmth, blooming, and growth associated with the equinox. It's always an exciting time period for me and I relate to it a lot. It may be something to do with the cherry blossoms blooming and all the awakening flowers but nevertheless, I feel more creative than ever when it finally gets here. I've been working really hard the last 3 weeks to get a few more ghostwriting jobs under my belt to book myself workwise through this season, which has been successful so far.

I hope to hear back on my screenplay's readthrough this next month and to hear good things, as well. While awaiting on that though, I know it's great to keep moving on with successful projects and continue writing and creating which is why Spring is such a favorite season!

However, I spent today bowling with the family and that was truly enjoyable so I know how important taking time to balance the things that matter is. Including taking a bit of time for self-care, which I intend on doing by binging the new season of Shadow and Bone (check it out if you haven't already, great show!)


Sai ❤️

Ashley Renee Smith

Hi Sai, it's so nice to meet you! I love the cherry blossom photo that you included. My mom loved cherry blossoms and they always make me think of her and smile.

Fingers crossed that you hear good news about your screenplay!

I haven't started the new season of Shadow and Bone yet, but I'll probably dig into it this week! I'm so excited!

Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson

Cherry blossoms remind me of my mom too. We walked a lot where they grew everywhere when I was a child. They're a refreshing reminder of softness and gentility and life-renewing again. I've only watched one episode of Shadow and Bone so far but it's definitely captivating. If not for the family bowling trip I'd probably been more into it already. :D

Maurice Vaughan

It's almost Spring! :D Have you checked the Job Section recently, Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson? I've seen a lot of writing jobs the past couple weeks.

Geoff Hall

Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson Hi Sai, it’s great to see you here during IYW. Be well.

Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson

Thanks Geoff Hall same to you. :)

Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson

Hey Maurice Vaughan thanks for the tip. Just to be clear I am full on my schedule now that's why I was saying it was a success but I will definitely look to that forum in the future should I need the resource. :D

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson. Ok, great. Did anyone get strikes while bowling?

Sai Marie (Sarah) Johnson

My brother should be in the PBA Maurice Vaughan he never bowls less than 150 when playing and is renown for getting all the strikes and spares. ;D

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