Introduce Yourself : Happy Sunday and Happy Writing by Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas

Happy Sunday and Happy Writing

I joined Stage32 a year ago, at the start of the pandemic. I want to say, 'thank you' to all, for this great platform and the ability to connect with creatives all over the world. I have new connections here, who are doing great things.

I'm currently in the rewrite of my middle grade novel through a mentorship program. I have several picture books that I'm getting ready for submission as an author-illustrator. For film, I have a very dark crime-action script with a female protagonist involving a city mayor's ambitious construction push and the corrupt developer who got the main character her job as the city's redevelopment director.  Another script that is a contemporary, screwball comedy about the three fates and the sudden, obsessive-interest in a guy who's about to propose to his fiance.  I'm also refining a dark-comedy crime series involving a veterinarian.  I swear, the picture books are not dark :-) LOL! 

FAN OF TV and in no particular order: Loved Resident Alien ( whoot whoot!!), The Expanse, The Boys, Black List, Perry Mason ( with Mathew Rhys), True Detective, The Sinner, Longmire, Justified, Veep, Fringe, Downton Abbey, The Bridge, The Good Wife, Counterpart ( really loved this show), Arrested Development, G.O.T. , enjoying Debris.      Have a good one, and let's connect.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Hi Karen. Isn't this a lovely place? I agree, Stage32 has helped get me through the pandemic for sure. Have you looked into the Writer's Room? It's amazing. I'd love to see you there. Your stories sound amazing. We have very similar taste! Cheeers!

Karen Thomas

Hi Sarah, I’ll check out the writer’s room. Thanks for the invite.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Ooo, I'm all about The Good Wife! The Boys is good too, but I legit became obsessed with The Good Wife for a bit - even got the hubs into it! Actually, I have to finish the last season so I can watch The Good Fight. Have you seen the spin-off?

Also, the dark comedy crime series sounds interesting! Are you looking for feedback before your next revision or are you ready to start pitching it to executives? Either way, definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives (or possibly managers, in your case):

Monica Mansy

Hi, Karen Thomas it's wonderful to meet you! Your stories sound so interesting. I sway towards the dark side in my writing and what I watch as well. So, they are right up my alley! What a great list of TV shows. I loved "The Sinner"... and while I haven't seen all seasons, I also loved "The Boys" and "Veep".

I second Sarah and Kay, please do check out the Writers' Room and send Jason over an email. The Writers' Room is a great place to connect, work on pitches, script coverage, table reads, pitch to working exec's and SO much more! Jason knows his stuff - he can help with all things regarding next steps in your career and like Kay said, on which services best suit your projects. P.S. You can also ask him to let you try out the Writers' Room for a free month! Happy writing!

Karen Thomas

Hi Karen R! I haven't seen the spin off for the Good Wife Yet- The Good Fight. I do love the main character played by Christine Baranski. Thanks for the encouragement on my crime-comedy-vet project. I will definitely get myself over to the writer's room and check it out. Thanks for contact info, much appreciated!

Karen Thomas

Hi Monica - great to meet you on S32! And also thanks for the suggestion to talk to Jason. A month free sounds perfect! Happy Writing!

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