Introduce Yourself : Happy to be here! by Roxanne Paukner

Roxanne Paukner

Happy to be here!

Hi everyone. I'm new to S32 and relatively new to the world of filmmaking. I was production designer on a feature 2 years ago, LOVED the experience and am looking for opportunities to do more... After production finished, I began to have scenes appear in my minds-eye, started writing them down, and have been screenwriting since that triggering event. Who knows? My first attempt went as far as the quarterfinals in the Screenwriting Fellowship, so I've been following this path to IDKwhere! I'm happy to be on this journey with you. Hopefully I can collaborate with some of you, sometime soon!

Sadie Dean

Welcome to the community, Roxanne! Happy writing :)

Roxanne Paukner

Thanks, Sadie. I'm still trying to figure out how this site works!

Leigh Laird

Welcome Roxanne, nice to meet you!

Cylinda McAlister

Welcome Roxanne, this is a great place to come and learn and connect with others who do the same and also a great place to meet lots of great people. Keep up what you are doing....:))

Janice Thomas

Thank you for sharing, It's been a while since I've joined Stage 32 but I am looking forward to meeting people and getting up to date on the cite's offerings.

Karl Holden

Hi. I'm new too. Welcome.

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