Introduce Yourself : Hello by Ariana Torralba

Ariana Torralba


Hi, my name is Ariana Torralba, age 27, and I'm a writer. I have been writing ideas, stories, and screenplays for years. I haven't had much luck but I'm trying harder everyday. The one I'm mostly focused on pitching is my zombie script, When The Dead Came, which is a horror, action, adventure. Primarily horror, I also write other genres. I like to drink coffee and listen to music when writing, most are ideas from dreams and from my own life experiences. I'm also a single mom and hope to achieve my goal of getting my work sold so I can provide a better life for my son.

Achievements aren't as impressive as most, but I have a poem published in a book years ago, tried self publishing, and have been doing loglines and queries for two years now.

Stephen Olson

Ariana, all we can do is just keep writing.

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

Writing should be a fun activity, don't rely to much on possible financial success. In most cases this isn't the reality of writing. As Stephen says, just keep writing and I also mean with that participating in S32, you never know who's looking for a project like yours. I spend on average 2 hours a day looking for suitable projects on here and try to help other people out.

Hussein Kopole

Hi Ariana.Stephen Olson and Willem have said it-keep writing as this is what you do best and can control.Leave out what you can't, but know that your time will come.It's all about giving our best, doing what we love most,what we do best and being patient.

Ariana Torralba

Thank you everyone, I do understand it takes time and patience, luckily I have the patience

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