Introduce Yourself : Hello by Kenneth S Adams II

Kenneth S Adams II


Just wanted to make my presence known/felt on the platform. Excited to get to know the community and hopefully produce quality content with some of the members. Feel free to check out my profile and give feedback!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Kenneth S Adams II! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage 32. Nice to meet you! What are you working on? Or what are you hoping to work on?

Ooo, I see you're in Philadelphia! Would you be interested in participating in the "Paris, Je T'aime" challenge I posted in the Filmmakers Lounge? It's just a fun way to get to know people through their city:

I’m sure you’ve already discovered the Screenwriting Lounge (, but definitely reach out on the Acting Lounge ( for insight into characters, dialogue, and even when you want to generate interest in a virtual table read!

I wasn't sure if you heard, but the Academy Awards just announced new guidelines for Best Picture for a more diverse and inclusive selection of films. We're chatting about it in the Producing Lounge and I would love to hear your thoughts! Actually, I'd love for you to start a post in the Producing Lounge as well! What do you want to talk about?

I think you'd also enjoy my intro blog post on how to engage with the Stage32 Community:

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect!

Debbie Croysdale

Welcome @Kenneth hope you soon find hookups to make quality content in film making.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Kenneth!

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