Introduce Yourself : Hello! by Maureen Mahon

Maureen Mahon


I introduced myself last month, but thought I'd say hello to the new members, and to the many existing members I haven't met yet.

I'm a writer/producer. My current project is a serialized streaming TV series - other adjectives include: historic, biopic, women-driven, music-oriented... It's currently floating around a pretty major production company and the prospects are looking good. Fingers crossed.

And welcome to all the new members! Don't be shy. :-)

John Anthony Murphy

Hi Maureen, are you looking for historic biopics?

Morrison James

Nice to meet you Maureen Mahon Wishing you all the very best success with your serialized streaming TV series. Have a great weekend. M.J

Maureen Mahon

John Anthony Murphy, sorry I wasn't clear. I've written an historic biopic and am trying to get it made. Not looking for them.

Maureen Mahon

Thanks, Morrison James!

Maureen Mahon

John Anthony Murphy, your project looks really interesting!

Maurice Vaughan

How are you, Maureen Mahon?

Maureen Mahon

Doing great, Maurice Vaughan, thanks for asking! Got some exciting things percolating with my project. How are you doing?

Leonardo Ramirez

Maureen Mahon honored to meet you Maureen! I love it that you're a pet lover. We have two-beautiful yorkies, (Duchess and Tinkerbell) each with their own personalities. Both, in fact, were rescues. One was found roaming the streets if you can imagine a baby yorkie found on the street. She was destined to be ours and she knows it!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Maureen Mahon. Glad you're doing great. I'm doing great too. Hope the major production company buys your series! We'll have a party on Stage 32 when they do. :D

Maureen Mahon

Leonardo Ramirez, I'm so glad you found that little yorkie. How scary that she was wandering the street like that! I'm glad she's safe and loved.

Maureen Mahon

Thanks, Maurice Vaughan! I'll keep you posted. How does Stage 32 throw parties? Is it a virtual party - BYOB kind of thing?

Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

Geoff Hall

Maureen Mahon Hi Maureen, it’s great to meet you on IYW. I wish you success for this project.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Maureen Mahon. I'm not sure if Stage 32 throws parties, but maybe we could. :)

Maureen Mahon

Thanks, Geoff and Stefano. Back atcha!

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