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Christopher Forsyth


Somebody recently told me I needed to be more "social". "Network a little". [read: use social networking]. I'm not on Facebook, twitter, instagram (although this one intrigues me) or others - but not because I'm anti-social or anti social-networking. Rather because I know my limitations. I work hard - and am very easily distracted! These things are a rabbit hole to me. That said - I found myself compelled to try this particular site. I figured if I was going be on any kind of social network - it should be one that might actually be productive rather than distractive. So - gonna give this thing a whirl. I won't post career related happenings here - as this is just an intro. All that stuff is in my bio. Cheers mates!

Heather Tearne

Hi Chris! Good to meet you!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Christopher - we're so glad you chose Stage 32! I think I can speak for the community in that this is not a waste of time, but rather an encouraging and informative environment dedicated to helping you succeed in your career. Love your background - Midwest to Wall Street to Austin and back to your roots as a're in a safe environment now in Stage 32. Bit of advice - get involved in the lounge discussions to start making connections, and definitely check out The Happy Writers (top right on menu bar) - a lot of great help we are giving to our screenwriters. Or, check out an On Stage with RB video (menu bar under Education, Webinars, On Stage with RB) - it's free to watch and explains features of the site and has a 90 minute Q&A about all things industry. Above all - welcome! If you're going to do social media, this is the place to be :)

Christopher Forsyth

Why thanks - for both the kind words and the helpful advice. I'll most definitely check those things out!

Jennifer Lynn

Welcome, glad to meet you. There are lot's of great people on this site, and some interesting success stories from friendships formed because of this site.

Ian Lynch

I'm not much of a social media guy either, but I've been on this site for a few days and already it's helped me a ton. Good luck!

Randolph Sellars

Christopher, you're right about the rabbit hole syndrome. I believe in working efficiently and purposefully when it comes to all career activities - including networking. I think that it's easy to get carried away and waste time if you get too involved in too many different platforms. You might consider allocating specific times to engage in social media networking. The important thing to keep in mind are your networking goals. Are you looking to meet collaborators or people who can hire or recommend you? I think that some people rely too heavily on social media. IMO, social media is best used to meet new people and help stay connected by sharing info. But there is no substitute for face time. More time should be allocated to deepening "real" relationships.

Robert Cain

I agree as well. Sometimes there's too much "Socializing" and not enough working. Good to connect Christopher. I'm in SM if you want to connect.

Tommy Bull

Makes perfect sense what you said. As well as some socializing This I have found for the most part have many Professionals in our industry and I found it to be a joy to meet some wonderful people here. Wish you all the best with your projects and new friends here. Tommy

Andrew Mondia

There are ways to connect and where you can auto post interesting tidbits and even about your career a bit on social media. I know of a few people who actually teach how to make the most benefit but use little time to be on social media. Some have even done some talks. One thing to remember is when on social media to prioritize that you are there working as the actor and not as you. It's your time to shine and share info about your interests and whatever you think might be useful to your fans. One person great to listen to is Amy Jo Berman who did a free webinar couple months back called Social Discover Me. I am doing Dallas Travers Actor's Business Blueprint and she talks about social media as well. Connecting to people that are in the industry can turn into auditions eventually which has happened. Not to me yet as I haven't fully utilized that aspect. But proof has been shown that it can happen.

Tommy Bull

Well Said Andrew.

Josh Hayden

Hey Chris! Nice 2 meet you. I am too trying to be as social as possible. Just joined this site and I find it very interesting. I am on Twitter too, not only because its fun but I also get news straight into my timeline so I find that very useful. Lets chat some more if you like.

Vanessa Bailey

Hey Chris! You've made the first step - woop! Twitter is a MUST for connecting and getting yourself and your work "out there". Don't think of any of this as "networking", think of it as the potential for exciting, new projects, support and friendship. Then it feels like a whole new ball game. If you make it to Twitter, I'm @vbaileyactor :D Nice to meet you! :)

Tabitha Baumander

The thing about the film business it is VERY socially based. You need other people to make films and to create the relationships that let you do that you do need to do what seems like a little what might seem to be pointless interacting. Not easy I know when your very focused on action that has a point I'm a writer. People in general make me want to hide under a rock sometimes. But even I know I need to get out there, flog my tush and get my work read. Stage 32 is actually very good for that and I recently had a script optioned through this system. Actively work the system for who and what you need and it can help you.

Janet Elizabeth Swainston

Hi Chris and welcome. Vanessa....I have trouble with Twitter....I don't know how to use it for networking...I use Facebook but that's not very good either....any suggestions?

Bill Hartin

Christopher - I GET what you're saying. Too often the social-networking tail starts wagging the dog and your professional growth suffers. But I think you made a wise choice by joining us here on S32, so welcome and let us know if we can help.

Roy Lionheart

Hi Chris - internet networking is one thing, actaully talking to people is another. Thou I do the internet one a bit too often, don't always relay on the internet for networking. Go to the events as well, something I need to do badly.

Kathleen Stevens

hello..I am new here too and read your post with interest...the part about distraction I identify with! kath.

Richard Welch

I was told by more than one producer when I first got into screenwriting that promoting myself on Facebook and other social media sites was the sign of an amateur and I would lose respect from others in the industry, so I've limited my discussions and sharing of family photographs, etc. to only my extended family. For anything related to my chosen career, I stick to sites like Stage 32, InkTip, LinkedIn, ISA and similar sites.

CJ Cox

It is nice to hear there are others who aren't on Facebook and related sites. Sometimes it has felt that I am the only one in the world. Thanks for sharing and welcome.

Tabitha Baumander

Facebook can be good if you are careful about who you connect to. Twitter that's another thing try following people whos profiles tell you that they could be good to connect to then comment on what they say. In that way you can get a diologue (sp) going. A note about working with twitter. Most people put their web sites on their profiles. Take that next step and examine their pages etc. I do that all the time and have a company considering optioning one of my scripts because I found them then contacted them. Twitter and Facebook are amazing tools to help you find people you might want to connect to. Its a means to an end not the end itself.

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi

I only post things related to my project to the Facebook page devoted to my project, not to my personal page. Same goes for Twitter. When I develop relationships with people who share my values, sense of humor, etc., I'm happy to connect via my personal accounts, but otherwise, my project announcements are restricted to their own. And I NEVER add politically charged posts to those accounts.

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi

As an aside, if your target demographic is the teen/young 20s market, I've learned not to bother with Facebook. That's what old people like their parents use. ;) Instagram is their social media platform of choice.

Mark Schaefer

I recently attended VIDCON in Anaheim CA. Kids mostly use twitter, 2nd is probably Instagram. Great to make connections with today's and tomorrows stars. If you want to follow me, i will follow you too on twitter. @midimark

Vicki Speegle

Ohhhhhhh, I so agree... I feel guilty for not checking out every single opportunity that comes in my email or that I read about somewhere, and you're right - it just becomes this giant rabbit hole where you're pursuing "marketing" yourself instead of creating the stuff you need to have to market yourself in the first place! So glad there are others out there who feel the same way. I fantasize sometimes about cancelling all my email and online accounts, but that's a bit drastic.

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi

I wouldn't say that Twitter is a must. How much can you say in 160 characters? It's fantastic to generate buzz when you're publicizing something in real time or a big upcoming event. Same goes for your project's Facebook page, though you can have less stilted interactions there. Many people have two personal Facebook pages, one for your friends and family, that is anything goes, and another for more professional relationships. That is a very valuable resource for keeping up with local events, staying tuned to what is going on in people's personal and professional lives, and getting to know people as people. But you must remember to censor the things you post there. Save the more radical commentary for your personal page.

Sharon Moore

I think there's a time and a value to networking, as long as you're disciplined. A Twitter contact actually inspired me to complete a spec this past year that had been gestating for years. There are a lot of writers there, and in specific genres. I also blog on film & music, so....

Vanessa Bailey

Janet - I would suggest just setting up your account and watch how other people do it - you'll soon get the hang of it. If you hunt me down I'm on there quite a lot, so you'll soon see how it works with my crowd of twitter connections :) Hashtags are how you find communitites #indiefilm #supportindiefilm #scriptchat that sort of thing. You can search hashtags to find the circle of people who you'd like to connect with. But it's wider than that - just dive in and enjoy it :D

Kathaleen M. Brewer

I'm like you. This is the first time I've spent so much time online. But there is something to be said about conversing with like minds. Easier and more natural I guess.

Christopher Forsyth

John - ha! I know - I'm not the best with it. I have this piece of paper taped to my laptop screen that says, "Is what you're doing right this moment, going to help create the future you want?" It forces me to prioritize - and things like social media just fall beneath other things on the list. But I probably do need to make more time for it.

Christopher Forsyth

Kathaleen - I agree - I think living in LA I find myself surrounded with like minds on a daily basis - so I make it on here less - but I will say it seems to be a really great resource.

Kathaleen M. Brewer

I left the California scene for solitude, which is what I got, but the price has been lack of a group of creative minds. Miss them. Still responding to all these post is getting to be way too time consuming, although I have met some great people.

Roy Lionheart

Anyone living around Oakville I need to get out more to network and find work. I have a project with a really good script and a pitch.

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