Introduce Yourself : Hello! by Marielle Bosco

Marielle Bosco


Hi! I'm Marielle and I'm a screenwriter. I would to make connections with passionate creatives and help each other achieve our goals!

Dave Paul Saunders

G'day from South Australia in little old Adelaide :-)

Mark Heartford

hi from uk

Dave Paul Saunders

It's worth taking a peak the paid jobs section here! Looks like a great job board for this industry!

Ashley Moore

Hi Marielle, welcome to Stage 32.

Del Weston


Brian Walsh

Welcome to the community Marielle. We have a great group here!

Jorge J Prieto

Welcome to the Stage 32 family, Marielle. I second what Brian said. Hope to see in lounges, they are always full of information, fun, and sometimes, a bit controversial, but in the end, we respect one another. Everyone is very giving if you post a question.

Edgar Nazario

Welcome to the community!!

Bill Ramiro

Hi, welcome and please say what kind of project are you working now......... or planning.

Rachel Cameron

Hi and welcome. I'm the token location audio gal here. When it comes to shooting that project, I can lend some sound advice. :D

Samantha Anne

Welcome to the family! :-D

Dave Paul Saunders


Adam Howell

Welcome Marielle! Keep writing!

Rachael McCollum

Hey, Marielle! It's impressive that you've already done so much at such a young age! I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was your age!

Madeline Thompson

HI Marielle, very happy to meet you. Screenwriting is a wonderful, bedeviled, collaborative profession.... which I guess you could say for the film biz itself. Gotta love it!

Brian Thomas

Hi :)

Robert Sacchi

Welcome. You have a great skill set.

Billy Kwack

You do it all

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