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Danielle Silverstone


Hi! My name is Danielle Silverstone and I'm an actor, comedian, voice actor, and now a writer! I've always enjoyed acting and making people laugh, ever since I was younger. I even wrote songs back then (just melody and lyrics because writing music is hard). I just relocated to Los Angeles (from all over America: Indianapolis, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia, Washington) 6 months ago and I love it here! While here, I got inspired to create a TV show (half-hour comedy-mockumentary). So, that's how I became a writer! I just finished the 4th draft of the pilot and I have a plan for more episodes and even later seasons! I joined Stage32 so that I can connect with the right people and find out how to continue developing and creating this show, as I think it could be incredibly successful, of course. If anyone has any suggestions (ideas on what to do next, help with the script, ideas on how to get it out there), please let me know! 

Allen Lynch

Welcome Danielle!

Pat Savage

Welcome Danielle you've come to the right place here at Stage32 and you can connect with the right people and find out how to continue developing and creating your show, Happy networking!

Danielle Silverstone

Thank you!

And how do I reach out? Just message producers on here? I don't know how this works!

Myron DeBose

Hey, straight to the bone. I like it. Stage 32 has pitch sessions all the time. You probably find them there. Good luck.

Vladislav Nogin

Hi Danielle, welcome to Stage 32!

Danielle Silverstone

Thank you :) Everyone's so nice here!

Stew Hartman-Mart


Sal Conca

Welcome aboard Danielle !

Christopher Henry

Welcome, Danielle. I agree with Myron - get in on some of the pitch sessions. Some advice and critique from some of these seasoned writers never hurts. And feedback from other members is a good thing, too, if you're willing to post a sample ... :) Good luck on your project!

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