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Angela Heath


Hi all !  Angela Heath here in Maryland.  I am working on a film in the Christian space.  My firm belief is that God has called me to produce this film.  It is called Women of Faith: Coping with Trauma.   I have let fear get in the way for 8 years, but now I am ready!   What happens at the intersection of faith and trauma?   Religion will fail you, but faith will catch you.  This is a collection of stories to share the love and favor of God despite the circumstance.   I look forward to connecting with other filmmakers here!  Thanks Stage 32. 


Welcome to Stage 32, Angela!

David Black

Welcome aboard!Welcome aboard!

Lorie Jackson

Hi Angela! Such an inspiring topic. I look forward to communicating with you, and much success with all of your endeavors.

Angela Heath

Thanks for the welcomes! :). Brandi, I'll reach out!

Odessa M. Pinckney

Hi Ms Health, I'm a Christian film writer as well and I can definitely relate to what you said about fear in starting, it now being 8 years for you finally deciding to go forth... I too can relate... but what I realized for me is that it was really about God's perfect timing... I had allot of maturing, learning and preparing for this time in my life as a writer/director.. it's been 10 for me, since the writing of the gospel screenplay that I am finally in the producing stages of... God has blessed me to find favor with a Pastor who offered the people of her congregation to participate as the cast to my first production... I know it's God's perfect timing for me because everything is falling into place when I decided to take her up on her offer, after praying to God about it... I've tried years before this when I was a member of another church but it got no where... there was very little support and participation... but this time, I didn't have to beg or plead anyone to participate, they just did... God has given me confidence in speaking before this beautiful congregation... I believe I can do this and that He has all the people, resources, locations, equipment, locations and help I need... Amen... praise the Lord!!!

Marc Anthony Greenland

Great to see Christian film-makers on Stage 32! Welcome Angela!

Angela Heath

Well thanks Rhonda and Odessa! I'm am being more intentional about what I am supposed to be doing - this film!! LOTS of distractions, lots of people asking for me to be a part of their projects and serve on their boards and baby sit their kids, etc lol. I can't. I am still learning how to say no. I have a helpful spirit and gosh it's hard to walk away when I see someone or something in need. But, I've got an ordained job to do so ... I need to be about this business!! Yes I agree Odessa, things do fall into place. That's the most amazing thing about God's timing. Let's connect!

Odessa M. Pinckney

Yesssss, God is truly amazing... those distractions just confirm that you are on the right track.. and yes, we should connect... I'm new to this site, so how do we do that?

Odessa M. Pinckney

Yesssss, Marc Anthony Greenland, it is truly remarkable seeing other Christian film writers to me, on here as well

Angela Heath

Thanks y'all. I am going to a Dallas to shoot two interviews in August, so if you know of any other faith filled women there willing to share their trauma story, have them enter their info on Or email me directly at Thanks!!

Erik A. Jacobson

Welcome, Angela! Sounds like a great project. From your description, it sounds as if it would make a better documentary than it would a narrative film, particularly since you've already started interviews with various women. To keep it from being simply a "talking heads" documentary, however, you might want to consider dramatizing some of the scenes/stories these ladies are relating to you. It would make their stories much more powerful.

Francee' Bouvenir

Welcome to stage32. I love about your description and hopefully you and I will get together and work on a project too.

James Drago

Good luck with the film!

Yassmine Othman

Welcome Angela & good luck with your film...wish you all the success <3

Angela Heath

Erik - Yes! It is a documentary. Funny thing is I don't know how to dramatize anything. I was a news producer/reporter for years and I deal with facts. So yeah ... I probably need some help with that. lol.

My goal is to get a rough cut together and get some support from Chicken & Egg Pictures, or Firelight Media to help me flush out the film more fully. I can imagine that adding dramatization will be a suggestion. Thanks for the feedback!

Natalie Farst

Welcome Angela and keep us posted!!

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