Introduce Yourself : Hello All by Jim Newton

Jim Newton

Hello All

How are you all doing? I have just finished the first draft of my latest holiday script, "Back Door Santa."

Sydney Summers

Hi, Jim! I am so good, how are you :) Congrats on finishing your first draft & I love the vibe of the name! Are you interested in any education for the next step? Always here to help, feel free to send me an email at

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations on finishing the first draft, Jim Newton! I'm doing great. How are you?

Sam Mannetti

Fantastic News Jim! If my team and I can ever recommend any of our script services to help get Back Door Santa in front of the right executives, please email us directly at Always happy to help!

Jed Power

Jim, Love the title! Tells me all I need to know.

Suzan Yumerova

congratulation... success with it

Jim Newton

I am doing well considering last month I was diagnosed with graft versus host disease. It is a common issue with stem cell transplants. Instead of 4 days at M D Anderson, I spent 3 weeks while the doctors began to treat my GVHD. I did manage to finish my script while there and started another one, this one where Santa has to win a 5k in order to regain control of the North Pole. The projected title is "Run, Santa, Run."

Catherine Adams

Congrats on the script! Sorry to hear of the illness. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery

Maurice Vaughan

Sorry to hear you were diagnosed with GVHD, Jim Newton. Hope you recover soon! Congratulations on finishing your script and starting a new one! "Run, Santa, Run" sounds exciting and marketable!

Jed Power

Congrats, Jim. I can relate . I have health issue too, All we can do is keep writing, etc. as best we can. Jed.

GiGi Raines

Congratulations on completing your film! We have several executives who specialize in Holiday films, feel free to reach out to us at we'll keep you in the loop of who's available for coverage and consultations!

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