Introduce Yourself : Hello Everybody by Benjamin Murray

Benjamin Murray

Hello Everybody

Just read about the site and had to sign right up. I am a writer/director out of Vancouver, Canada looking for like-minded individuals that share in my love of film. I am currently searching for the right producer to help work with a small collective of incredibly talented filmmakers to create something truly unforgettable. We're currently preparing a science-fiction horror rooted in the atrocious realities presently existing in our society entitled "Inhumane". The film is about a working housewife who is trapped in a turbulent marriage and awakens inside of an unearthly prison. Confronted by brutal savagery, she is forced to endure and survive the horrifying nightmare if she is ever to be reunited with her son. If you're interested in the project (or just think alike), please feel free to send me a message. Thanks and be sure to check out our short film ElseWhere and let me know what you think.

Pamela McCarthy

Nice little piece reminds me of my son's work. He is in LA, Patrick McCarthy He can offer some good advice for getting seen and contact search. Good luck to you.

Benjamin Murray

Thank you for the kind words. I'd love to get in touch with him and talk shop.

Roger Smith

Very nice work from people who deserve to further what we see here. Your film has a most inviting look, and your direction gave us some engaging angles. Looking forward to your future postings.

Tracy Kash

Beautiful work, Benjamin. Very inspired. I'm a composer and would love to work with you if you ever have the need. Cheers. Tracy -

Benjamin Murray

Thank you Tracy, I'm very happy that you liked it. I will certainly be in touch if the need arises. Thank you again!

Curtis McGann

Benjamin, great work. I love it. I am an actor and would love to work with you on this project...if you are still in need of actors. Best of luck!

Natasha Price

Hi ?Benjamin, like what I see! If you're in need of any VFX work, please check out and take a look at our work! Keep up the good work!

Jorge J Prieto

Hi Benjamin like your work, I'm a screenwriter and don't write sci-fi but horror , thriller, drama it's my thing if you ever need a short story be happy to work with you from NYC only. I have one short right now, a horror I think you might enjoy is call "Rest in Peace" and I'll rest my case for now. Hit me up are interested for future project.

Dave Clark

Very moved by this film! I want to do another horror film- I had a lead role in "THE OUIJA EXPERIMENT". I would also like to work in Canada. I did a film called "FRANCINE" w/ Canadian Directors Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky. Keep me updated!

Marilyn Du Toit

looks good...I write more fantasy...but I am experimenting in all genre's...

Paul J.J. Pastore

Hi I'm into both Sci-Fi and horror but I have written several screenplays of intense horror, which is my passion. Would love to keepin touch.

James Mapes

If you are looking for an American actor, don't worry about transport. Just love film acting.

Donnie Harold Harris

hello back

Angela McEwan

Check out NEW MEDIA FILM FESTIVAL They are accepting for 2015. If you submit a short film you might win something to help with your sci fi film. This year one of the winners was from Russia.

Paul J.J. Pastore

Thanks I deal in horror but I'll take it under advisement.

Deryn Warren

I directed two feature length horror with great acting because that is my area of expertise. Now there is not the money for them. Mine made a lot of money but that was years ago. Harder now. Check out if you can to get some tips for your career.

James Mapes

As an actor, I would love to be part of a project. I bring a lot to the table. & Have miles. Will travel.

Paul J.J. Pastore

Thanks. I can use all the help (money) I can get.

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