Introduce Yourself : Hello! I'm a screenwriter and novelist from England by Louis Hayward

Louis Hayward

Hello! I'm a screenwriter and novelist from England

I've just completed a TV pilot, 'Bum Notes' and entered a few competitions with it. Currently working on a novel while I contemplate my next full length SP.

I've been a member of Stage32 for a while, but not actively participated. Thought this was a good weekend to come get involved. Look forward to interacting with you all!


Rob Jones

Welcome, Louis. I remember reading "Bum Notes" on Zoetrope and really liking it.

Louis Hayward

Thanks, Rob, and... Thanks! It's been through a few revisions since then, but hopefully for the better.

Pamela Bolinder

Welcome, Louis! See you in the threads!

Louis Hayward

Thanks, Pamela! I'll be diving in soon...

Richard "RB" Botto

As we like to say around here, Louis, you get out what you put in. Hopefully you'll work the platform and contribute more often. Look forward to your contributions!

Louis Hayward

Very true, RB. Will be stepping up!

Rosalind Winton

Hey Louis, what part of England do you live in? I'm in Hertfordshere, it's great to meet another Brit :)

Louis Hayward

Hey, Rosalind! I'm just up the road in Northants. Are we severely outnumbered then? :)

Rosalind Winton

Louis, we certainly are lol.

Louis Hayward

The Brits are coming!

Katherine Blessan

Also a Brit, based in Sheffield! There are a few of us here.

Richard "RB" Botto

Glad you jumped in, Louis!

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Louis. Here to talk screencraft anytime.

Louis Hayward

Thanks Phil. Look forward to shooting the breeze with you!

Linda Johnston

Welcome Louis.

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