Introduce Yourself : Hello Stage 32! by Frank Ponce

Frank Ponce

Hello Stage 32!

Hey guys! My name is Frank Ponce and am brand new to Stage 32. I'm a filmmaker based in LA with a decent number of commercials and short films under my belt. I'm currently developing my first feature film. Really excited to connect with you! Feel free to peruse my portfolio at Thanks! Frank

Katherine Hon

nice portfolio! You do your own coloring?

Richard "RB" Botto

Very nice portfolio, Frank. Great to have you and your talents in the community.

Frank Ponce

Thanks guys! :) I do some coloring depending on the project. My "go to" colorist is Mike Howell at Color Collective.

Valentine Penders

Hi Frank, great videos! If ever you need a cinematographer, camera operator, feel free to contact me!

Egypt Reale

Welcome we are glad you are here.

Rowen Bridler

Hi Frank. Great reel. Love the Nasa Team SloMo video! Very cute&funny. What's the LA scene like for indie filmmakers?

Frank Ponce

Hi Rowen! To be honest, I've been out here for three years and while their are tremendous opportunities, talent and resources available but it's definitely more EXPENSIVE to pull together an indie in LA. There are other factors in play but that's a major one when working on a indie budget. Before moving to LA, I was based in the Southeast -- where states like Louisiana and Georgia offer excellent tax incentives to productions. If you are working on a ultra low budget, where most folks are either favors or free, definitely shoot anywhere outside of LA.

Marilyn Du Toit

Good luck with that Frank, I think you will ace it...

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