Introduce Yourself : Hello Stage 32! by Levi James Borland

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Levi James Borland

Hello Stage 32!

My name is Levi Borland. I am a passionate film maker who's ambitions usually far out weigh his abilities. I have worked on a few small projects and have major plans to start doing longer sets of work. I am looking for individuals interested in teaming up either in person or remotely to work on some banger projects. I want to make art in the form of film and have a lot of stories I would like to see on the big screen. My work has taken me a crossed all three phases of film making but I mainly focus on Directing and Post-Production work. I guess that also makes me the visual effects director/supervisor because I am planning the shot out for what I will need in post to complete a special effect. Here is some of my work: 2015: Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest Entry 2012 Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest Entry 48 Hour Film Project Visual Effects Test Fire and Forcefield Visual Effects Test Eden Hype Trailer Eden Visual Effects Test I hope you all enjoy my work and are interested in reaching out. Please message me and network. I would like to get to know everyone.

Derrek S. Luke

Hey Levi, Eden looks like its coming along great! I'm here for acting, proving concepts, story work, directing and assistant directing. Good to meet you and looking forward to talking more in the future. - D.

Gary Tucker

Yo, that was an awesome idea for the Dorito's contest!

Levi James Borland

@Diao Ueden I sent you a personal message.

Levi James Borland

@Gary Tucker Thank you for a fine comment. We sadly didn't make the finals despite my video being the highest rated video on the site for several weeks as well as being on the first page for around 2 months. Alas there is always next year, as long as they do the competition I will submit entries.

Natalie Peri


Jeanette Greenwood- Ceo

The video is awesome! I am in Fort Worth, TX... I am looking for person willing to work with my nonprofit org on some things.

Levi James Borland

Send me a personal message with the details and I'll take a look.

Levi James Borland

Thank you for your kind words my friend. Nice to meet you as well!

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