Introduce Yourself : Hello Stage 32 creatives! by Joey Madia

Joey Madia

Hello Stage 32 creatives!

Welcome to everyone new to Stage 32 and hello again to those who have already been a part of Introduce Yourself Weekends! I am an actor, director, and screenwriter who also does Historical Education (I am preparing to tour as Che Guevara next summer) and content creation: I am currently casting the first season of my forthcoming Audio Drama "The Cannon and the Quill" (based on my one-man show about the Golden Age of Piracy, which was featured on a TV show sponsored by Tokyo Disney) and renovating a corn crib in eastern Ohio into a production studio (sound and video) and mini-theatre. Three of my screenplays are currently in the contest circuit and have had some success--one is a quarter-finalist right now in the Screencraft Comedy contest. I am going to be writing some how-to blogs for Stage 32 in the near future, which I am excited about. I am also co-producing a web series called "Roads beyond the Known," a paranormal travelogue in support of my forthcoming book "Watch Out for the Hallway: Our Two-Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in North Carolina" co-written with my wife. Have an awesome weekend!!

James Drago

Another impressive resume! Nice to meet you Joey! Invite sent to you!

Joey Madia

Thank you, James! Invite accepted!

James Drago


John F Tupper

Sounds like you're keeping lots of irons in the fire. That's the way to do it. Wish you all the best. - John Tupper


Joey Madia

Thank you, John! I like the challenges that come with different kinds of storytelling.

Cindi Maciolek

Keeping busy working the craft. Good for you! Nice to meet you!

Christel Janssen

Hi Joey, Iove to hear more about your 'roads beyond the known web series!'. And I am curious how your two-year investigation went with the 'paranormal' activities. Personally, I would love to see the word paranormal disappear out of the 'woowoo, scary' corner and more appear in the 'these out of the ordinary happenings are very real and have a reason why they happen, or in other words 'reality corner'. I am curious how you portray the paranormal part in your webseries. As for myself I am dealing with an very 'out of the box' experience, which in my eyes is an example of a very real thing in the near future: 'consciousness hacking technology'. In my case over a period of 2 years a lover was in a coma for a while and communicating in handwritten letters on my computer screen he even physically died and came back. Doctors denied it because of legal issues.

I wrote the book Forty-NIne Days. A sensuous journey in the modern Afterlife. I got approached by a film director and now I am writing the screenplay for it. Any information suggestions and ideas are welcome. Thank You!!

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