Introduce Yourself : Hello - a good place as any to start.. by Conor Irwin

Conor Irwin

Hello - a good place as any to start..

I just signed up here, recommended by Final Draft, just dipping my toes and saying a fond hello to all my fellow artists working hard, or not on interesting work. Keep up the good... fight. I'm an Irish man living in Bordeaux France. I started life as an actor, then I directed stuff and realised I'm better at that then acting, and I preferred the directors process too. I also write, a bit, sometimes, well sort of... I remember saying to my self on numerous occasions as I stood in castings reading awful dialogue for shit productions doing stupid things, that i could do better. So I stopped asking others to consider me to embody their stories (for pay) and I decided I would invest in writing my own (for no pay!) So there!

Antonio Ingram

Much respect to you Conor for striving for better. I wish you the best of luck.

Tommy Bull

Hi Conor. Laughing here. I like what you said. I am a Actor and a Director. NYU Film School Graduate. High Kick Productions Inc. I plan to expand in Ireland and Scotland where my family is from. Nice to meet you and look forward to getting to know you. Tommy Bull

Michael McLaughlin

Hey Conor, more power to you for recognizing what you want to do and following it through. Thanks too for putting a smile on my face, love the honesty. Michael

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