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James Hickey

Hello all

Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm James Hickey and I'm aspiring to be a scriptwriter/director. My day job is feature film animation- I am working on the upcoming Paddington Bear feature film (see the trailer below, I did the toilet cistern shots and the whole bathtub descending the stairs sequence): As mentioned I am looking to move into feature film writing and directing. I have made two successful short films out of my own pocket that have played in international festivals, I've placed highly in the BlueCat Screenplay competition and generally spend as much time as I can trying to pursue my interests. I won't bore you any longer, but thought I'd say hi :)

Geoffrey Edwards


Philip Sedgwick

Awesome work!

Arhynn Descy

I love the bathtub going down the stairs....brilliant!

James Mapes

Love the trailer

Judy Mora

Super fun! I will PAY to see that flick at the theater! . We provide horses ( real ones) , maybe Paddington needs a tiny miniature Horse as a buddy for his next film ! He could ride it and run away from bad guys!

Edward Leech

Such a funny scene... you set it up very well... great job.

David Andrade

Hey that's awesome! Do you know Amanda Dague? She's a friend who is on Paddington as an animator herself :) I'm also an animator; once a Rhythm & Hues artist, now running my own studio :) Where are your films? Do you have links?

James Hickey

Hey David, I do know Amanda, she did that shot at the end where the turnstile doors slam in his face :) Lovely lady and pleasure to work with. I do have links to my films. I'm actually trying to put together a funding pitch for a new one at the moment:

Bo Dean

That is super high quality stuff! Congratulations.

David Andrade

Awesome! Say hi to her for me. She's rad. I'll watch the links now! How are you going to go about funding it?

Shari D. Frost

Welcome, James!

James Hickey

Thanks for all the hello's peeps :) Much appreciated. David- at the moment I'm looking to IndieGoGo or similar as short film funds are practically non-existent or extremely difficult to navigate, so putting together a pitch video and trying to find producers willing to come aboard. It's not easy especially as Paddington's pretty full-on at the moment :/ Any suggestions are always welcome :)

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Trailer. Fantastic work James. You must have had a blast working on it.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

I'm wowed by the trailer! Bathtub shot looks great!

Virginia Shine

Hello James great looking tub ;-) nice work

April Ranck

Hi James I love it! Congratulations

Serita Stevens

Having lived in England for a while, I love Paddington Bear. You might be interested in my new book, The Ultimate Writer's Workbook for Books and Scripts. It's based on my years of teaching and available at Amazon and B/N. Those buying my book, I give a free critique of your first ten pages of your script.

Candice Creelman

I totally have to go see that film when it comes out. Very funny. Great animation. Congrats on your work! Love Paddington's facial expressions..I think that's the best part of the humor.

April Ranck

It is wonderful. Congratulations

Aiona Byuwek

Adorable short! I was expecting animation, and was surprised it was not. That studded baseball cap is something else! Hurt my eyes to look at it! :)

Aiona Byuwek

OMG! And the agoraphobic short was adorable too! Bohn did a nice job with the music. Leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart. :)

Marilyn Du Toit

Hi James, you are doing great...I love animation, I have a story for a great animated adventure, I just never finish anything they all half complete....I write different is not that I don't know how they end I is just so many stories are hiding inside and want to come out. When you do write something try keep grounded till the end. I did finish one screenplay which needs a facelift. My characters don't have enough voice. So, start writing and post your first screenplay I would love to read it....

Dawn Gonchar

Welcome James! I enjoyed your short...never expected a bear to be surfing down a staircase in a bathtub :) Looking forward to hearing/seeing more of your work :)

Shelly Paino

So fun! Haven't seen Paddington in a long time. I have a feature script for animation (similar to the Lego Movie) in case you or anyone else on this board wants to take a peek. I've never written for animation before, only live action.

Jong Ghana

Woow ! awesome' very funny... great job James.... can't wait to see the whole movie :)

Marc Forget

Thanks for sharing that James. Best of luck to you and let us know if you come visit LA!

Paul Usungu

Great creative work!

James David Sullivan

It simply does not pay to be a bear! ;-)

Nicky Greyling

Cent wait to see this - it looks absolutely awesome!!

Stephano Christophero Aka Pandaman

Congrats James! Great Work! Love Paddington! Really Had me laughing! Your scene is great! Hey... If You (or Paddington) Ever need Awesome Voiceovers give a shout! And The Best To You! PANDAMAN Stephano!

Serita Stevens

If you are working toward your goal, you are not aspiring. Put you tush to the seat of the computer and start writing -- just cuz you're not produced yet does not mean you are not a writer. Have goals and work a little of your writing each day and you will get there. Many writers make a living on having things optioned but never produced.

Jennifer Moylan-Taylor

Looking forward to seeing this film. Great work James. And Good luck with the writing

Mario Leone

This looks great. I think it's fun. And I think animation is fun for any writer. Have fun with it. If you need any creative insight just sent me a message.

April Ranck

Nice work James. I want to see it.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hey James... any updates as yet?

Becca-Chris M

Congrats! That is exciting!

Pierre Langenegger

Don't know how I missed this. Welcome aboard, James and congrats on the fantastic work.

Victor R. Solis

Howdy James, thanks for posting the great clip of PB. Do you have your own website? And can we connect with you on other social platforms?

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

I know, right? I commented months ago but had to come back and revisit. Thanks James. Love, love, love PB. and your work of course.

James Hickey

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words. Paddington had its official release on Friday in the UK and is going down a treat. It was a great experience working with the other animators on this film. It should be released in the US in December. I know a number of you guys are out there, so hope you can hold out for that long— it'll be worth the wait ;)

Helena Ellison

I can't wait to see this :)

Alexander Q²

Surfs Up! When he was going down the stairs. Ditto what Helena said.

Marcus K. Williams Jr

Awesome trailer. Good job man.

Edith Woi

James! Just realised you are also an animator as well! I have a short film script (about 15pages) that could be set in Brixton. Would you consider reading it to see if you might even be interested in directing it? Or if there is a possibility to have it animated???

CJ Walley

Check out the latest Stage 32 blog post by James:

Edith Woi

@CJ! Read it! Thanks. Great insight into something real and wonderful:-)

Only Harmony

Youre awesome let me know if u need music

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