Introduce Yourself : Hello all! Would love to get to know all you creative and interesting folks! :-D by Valentina Maffucci

Valentina Maffucci

Hello all! Would love to get to know all you creative and interesting folks! :-D

Hi guys! I've been a member of this community for a while now, but unfortunately have never found the time to actively participate in everything that is going on here on Stage 32... and by the looks of it, I have missed out indeed! I'm Valentina, I currently live in Italy and, like most people who work on the artistic side of the spectrum, I spend my time juggling between working to pay my bills and working on my pet projects: it can be a challenge, but hey, I guess that's what videomaking is all about! In Italy, the dubbing industry is really big: Italians dub everything, movies, tv series, cartoons, reality shows, videogames... I work mostly in this field, as a translator and dialogue adaptor. My job consists in translating the original dialogues, and then carefully writing down every sigh, hiccup, laugh and shout the actors/protagonists may utter; shortening or lenghtening the dialogue in order to make it "fit" on their lips, and trying to convey American, Canadian and British play on words, puns, jokes to an Italian audience... all while trying not to stray too much from the original script. It can sometimes be really trying work but, when you manage to get it right, it's really rewarding! I also work as a videomaker (writing, directing, camera work and editing), and I'm currently setting up a crossmedia company with a friend and colleague. Looking forward to meeting you all, have a great day! Valentina

Ian Hudson

Hi Valentina! Dubbing sounds like very tedious work, but I'm glad it pays off in the end. I had no idea it was so big in Italy! Best of luck with your cross media company!

Shelley Aldred

Hi Valentina! Best of luck.

Theresa Nichols Bender

Hi Valentina! Very interesting to read what you do in dubbing. And a thank you to you and your fellow dubbers for doing it because, when I lived in Italy years ago, having my son watch American movies he already knew dubbed into Italian is one of the big ways he learned Italian so quickly! Just thought you'd enjoy hearing about a lesser-known way your work helps others! :)

Valentina Maffucci

Hi Ian, thanks for your feedback! Yes, dubbing is really huge in Italy... people are often surprised when they come here and realize just how much tv content is dubbed! Shelley, thanks for the friendly hello! :) Theresa, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! I'm so glad to hear that your son benefitted from dubbed American movies! I really enjoyed reading about that! :) Sometimes dubbing is criticized here in Italy, because some people say that it makes the audience lazy and doesn't encourage them to learn English... However, in your son's case, it really had an educational effect!

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