Introduce Yourself : Hello all from Dauntless Studios by Mark Sonoda

Mark Sonoda

Hello all from Dauntless Studios

Hello all. I'm the CEO and founder of Dauntless Studios. We are a hybrid distribution company focusing on North American distribution for independent films across all rights window, as well as providing distribution servicing.

Our company also does production financing for film & tv series with budgets under 24.0MM. We are commissioned regularly to develop film and tv, and help secure production financing upon the completion of development.

We are always seeking out new filmmakers and films for acquisition and/or distribution servicing.

reach out if you have questions or find out more about us at

Dauntless Studios
Dauntless Studios
Originally from Cartago, Colombia, Mark Sonoda was raised and educated on the sunny shores of Miami, Florida. After studying business administration and international marketing at the University of Co…
Allen Lynch

Welcome Mark!

Mark Sonoda

When we finance pictures we do it fully. We rarely will co-finance pictures or only provide a piece of financing. On larger scale projects, we bring in existing sales companies or studios that we already have relationships with. Are you currently represented by an agency?

Doug Nelson

Mark - I find it interesting but I tend to be pretty skeptical (websites with no actual address alarm me). There appear to be some pretty heavy up front hard money expenses for small time filmmakers. I'm impressed by your list of films but it appear that they are all/mostly in pre/post production. I'd like to see some verifiable hard-core 'box office' me some real numbers if you can.

Nastassia Haroshka

Please look at the trailer for Setesh that I was in recently. Can we talk?

Doug Nelson

Yes I watched that trailer; all I'll say is that I found it under-impressive.

Mark Sonoda

Doug, our company acquires films in traditional structures, and we finance films under certain budget levels and scopes. We also offer Turn-Key Distribution (TKD) servicing which is "all-in" distribution that not only includes physical distribution on all rights platforms, but includes the P&A, PR, market strategy, rights management, etc that goes with a film being distributed. TKD provides filmmakers with the chance to remove the subjective aspect of traditional distribution, and take charge of their own distribution, which inherently creates autonomy for the filmmaker.. It's an innovative concept, that is for some and not for others.

As for "numbers". it would be unethical for a distributor to release confidential financial performance numbers of a movie on their website to generate more business. So the bottom line is that if TKD is something that works for you, then we are happy to make that happen for innovative filmmakers seeking to breakaway from the norm or traditional avenues, if it is not, that's okay too.

Lastly, our company was invited to join stage32, because of what RB is trying to do with it. He is trying to foster a place where filmmakers can gain insight, knowledge and possible access to the things they lack or need to attain their project / career goals. I would offer you a piece of advice, that instead of using this website to be critical or :"troll" other members, that you embrace what it might be able to provide you, because you are missing out on a real chance to grow as a filmmaker. I would challenge you to use your time more effectively, cultivate positive relationships and remember the axiom " you catch more bees with honey that you do with shit".

Good luck to you.

Joan Albright

Mark, I have a project I'd love to pitch to you. Is your web form the best place for that?

Mark Sonoda

Yes Joan. Please do not attach the screenplay or any materials. Just send out a 2-3 line pitch of the project and we will get back to you if we want to review the script. Please also include your representation info. Thanks

Raymond Zachariasse

Mark, I underline your comment. We all need to start somewhere and it helps when there are more people out there willing to help you, eventhough the result isn't top notch yet. If I look at myself, I still need to learn a lot especially since I'm a writer of novels. I am happy with every advice and every hand that reaches out for me and others. So I say: Welcome!

Landis Stokes

Welcome, Mark Sonoda! I'd love to know more about financing, distribution, and even co-productions (if your company experience with this) and will send out an email. Thank you for taking the time to reach out.

Doug Nelson

Mark - any friend of RB's a friend of mine. Best wishes on your venture. Please keep me in the loop. Thanx

Chad Stroman


Dawn Gonchar

Welcome Mark!

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