Introduce Yourself : Hello, dear friends by Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Hello, dear friends

I hope you are safe and inspired ☀

I'm thinking of a team work for a project that anticipates the near future ⏩

The message is climate emergency

Richard "RB" Botto

Tell us a bit more, Ana. What do you have in mind?

Rk Epps

indeed more info

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

O.K., here it goes:

A group of scientists (climate, biology, health, statistics) are frustrated because politicians are not doing what it is necessary and people are not aware of the emergency

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Why isn't my answer complete?

It erased my answer

Robert Russo

Have you ever heard of the grand solar minimum? I saw some documentary about that and it seemed pretty legit. Very interesting

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Thank you, I'll check it out

Vance Jochim

Ana - the primary expert who has talked about the Grand Solar Minimum for years is the author of Cold Sun and Dark Winter, John L. Casey. I happened to make a video of one of his early talks at Many conservatives have significant research that rejects global warming and "Climate Change" so do your research to know both sides.

Robert Russo

I try to keep an open mind about scientific subjects. Th e universe is a complicated thing. From everything I have seen and read it looks very likely that the climate is controlled by the fluctuations of solar out put and it’s effects on the earths energy field.

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Vance and Robert, in science there are no both sides. If solar minimum was true, then all our planet would freeze.

Global warming is our big challenge. That's why we see high temperatures near the poles and low temperatures elsewhere.

Be safe.


Sandra K. Lynne

Ana! I think it's a great subject. I wish you great luck with it. I am firmly in the camp of global warming exists and we need to do something to change how we treat the planet yesterday. I get what Vance says too. You'll need to address the science of the other side as well. I am not convinced they have a significant case. But science, like the Bible, can be interpreted to support any side. Speaking of the Bible (sort of), and this may not fit your concept, but you might want to include (if you haven't already), conversations with Indigenous leaders who's practices albeit rooted in their faith practices are actually pretty scientifically sound. Archaeology has been mapping the connection for years. If you need some PR and/or copywriting support on the team let me know.

Robert Russo

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes - The thing about "Global warming" is that the scientists and politicians who originally pushed it were saying we would have major cities underwater by 2015, then nothing happened. Ever since I was a child they have been saying global warming would destroy the world by 20xx but every time that date arrives, they just extend the date out a few more years. they are just being alarmist. The fact is the sun is the source of all Earths energy, its shifting magnetic fields, the weather patterns. There is no Earth weather... There is SPACE weather that happens on EARTH. In nature, everything is connected, and the Sun and its changes are directly to blame for Earths changing weather.

Did you know they can statistically prove a connection between sun spots and Earthquakes? To think that emitting some CO2, a gas that plant life inhales, is going to destroy our climate forever is kind of silly. The sun is what warms this planet every moment of the day, it has the true power. Variability in the solar output is your most obvious and simple explanation for changing climate. The climate has always changed. It never remains the same. So this loaded term "climate change" is stupid on its face.

I believe in reducing pollution. That is easy to prove. All the stuff we put in the world that poisons the environment and poisons us is the real danger and something we can actually control.

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Sandra, thank you so much

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

If team happens, you're on board.

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes

Robert, thank you for the approach based on the sun.

Udayakumar Pachaiappan

Hi Ana, It's an important and required concept for the current situation. " climate emergency"

Sandra K. Lynne

Ana Gabriela A. S. Fernandes That's great! Keep in touch. Let me know how your project progresses.

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