Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone! by Celia Stinnett

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, my names Celia! Joining stage32 has been my first step towards the career I really want. Which is being an actor. I've already been able to apply for my first audition and its in my area! Looking forward to meeting more people and networking and just being more apart of everything going on in the industry!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the family Celia! Congrats on your fist audition!

Celia Stinnett

Thanks Aray!

Aray Brown

You're welcome

Tilak Raj

You know Cabaret?

Shawn Speake

Happy Holidays, Celia! Always remember never to forget:) never act. Always be a version of your self and stay confident about what you're doing. You staying confident keeps the actors and crew around you confident for a smooth shoot. The real showtime is in-between takes where everyone on the set gets to know YOU. That's your time to shine as a friend. My way is to make everyone laugh. If you're set with me, your stomach its gonna hurt from laughing so much. I don't tell jokes or anything, I'm just stupid. Whatever you do, make the day a fun without losing focus or going over the top - gotta know when to be quiet- that's a big deal too. If it's a good day at the office, they'll want you back for another project. Hope this helps. Take what you like and discard the rest. Peace

Shawn Speake

Me and Gil Birmingham on the set of his show in Las Vegas...

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