Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone! ☺ by Becky Barton

Becky Barton

Hello everyone! ☺

My name is Becky, and I just joined the site today. I'm really shy, and I'm only "entry level" in my occupations, but I adore what I do, and I'm pleased to meet you all!

April Mae Berza

Welcome to, Becky! I wish you success in all your future endeavors! God bless you!

Izzibella Beau

Hey, Becky. Welcome to S32. We are all here to help.

Stephen Foster

Hi Becky. a beginner is great coz there is so much to learn & to know. you are at the right place! Check out all our lounges!

James Drago

Hi Becky. I understand shy. Took me some time to get comfortable in social settings, even online social settings. Challenge yourself to make a couple of connections a day. Challenge yourself to make a post here every day. Over time, you will become more comfortable.

Jorge J Prieto

Welcome, Becky. Hey I was shy too. I think most writers and actors are, but this is an asset. We are a great bunch here at Stage 32, from our CEO to every member across the globe.

Kyle Climans

Welcome to Stage 32!

Steve Altier

Hi Becky, welcome to the site.

Christopher Trastoy

Hey Becky! Hopefully this site helps ease the "shyness". Don't be afraid to network and ask questions.

Becky Barton

Thank you all so much! I'm excited about learning all I can and making new connections and friends!


Welcome to Stage 32, Becky!

Becky Barton

Thank you, Jake!

David A. Krajci

Hi Becky, welcome to the jungle!

April Ranck

Hi Becky, welcome to stage 32!!!

Becky Barton

Thank you, David and April!

April Ranck

Hi Beckey and big welcome!!!

Becky Barton

Thank you, April!

Penny Penelope Koutourinis

Welcome !!!

Becky Barton

Thank you, Penny!

Raja Riaz M Khan

Welcome to the network Becky

Becky Barton

Thank you, Raja!

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