Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone by Steve Bellinger

Steve Bellinger

Hello everyone

I'm a science fiction novelist with four books. I'm just getting into screenwriting, working on my third script. I'm mostly practicing by adapting my novels to the screen. Looking forward to learning a lot here. I'm also willing to share, for what it may be worth!

Ugo Cavallo

Welcome :)

Jamal Hines

Hello Steve!

Cassie Greutman

Welcome! I'm an author turning my books into scripts as well, except for fantasy instead of sci-fi :)

Chad Ayinde

Pleasure to meet you, Steve! Coming from a place a bit different as I have a few comic book titles in my name but definitely understand the transition process. I stepped away from full time work exactly one year ago now to learn the screenwriting craft in hopes that I could adapt some of my comic ideas and titles into series or features! Great to see a kindred spirit and adapted creator here!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Steve! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I'm a screenwriter/content creator. Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of S32 Script Services at he would love to know what you're working on and how he can help. Best of luck with your third script!

Debbie Croysdale

Hi Steve and welcome.

Natalie Bingham

Hi Steve, welcome! I need to read more science fiction - I'll have to check out one of your books sometime soon. Which one of your novels are you currently working on adapting?

Monica Mansy

Hi, Steve Bellinger! Welcome to Stage 32! I would definitely suggest poking around the lounges, education and script services tabs. In the Writers’ Room, we receive education, work on and hear pitches, script coverage, table reads and so much more! It’s been a HUGE help by way of learning for me. If you’re interested in trying it out for a free month, you can email Jason Mirch ( He’s the Director of Script Services here at Stage 32.

Martin Reese

Welcome Steve Bellinger from a fellow sci-fi buff. I echo Monica Mansy about checking out the Writer's Room.

Jessica Beange

Hi Steve! I checked out your website - there's no fiction like science fiction! Look forward to seeing one of your novels on the screen one day.

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Steve. Wishing you all the best with adapting your scifi novels. If you ever want to reach out for some advice or support, please feel free.

Ruth Kaufman

Fellow novelist here (romance/romcom)...have you looked into manuscript to screen competitions like Screencraft's and Launch Pad's? Those can open some doors for some who final/win.

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