Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone !! by Irene Kelly

Hello everyone !!

Hi everyone. I'm brand new to this site and very excited to learn more about it. I'm an actress in film and tv and would love to get more into film making

Steven Schellinger

I'm also in Fort Lauderdale and I'm going to be casting for a lead role in my short film in the next month. If we don't raise the funds we want to, then it wont be for pay but it can help your reel and give you experience. Let me know if you're interested in auditioning?

Irene Kelly

Yes I'm very interested and would love to learn more about your project

Steven Schellinger

Here's the crowd funding campaign where I wrote a little about the story. I can send you the script at a later date. I'm not currently at my computer.

Steven Schellinger

Okay I uploaded script. Click on link and then click on "View screenplay"

Irene Kelly

I will as soon as I get to my computer. Thank you so much

Steven Schellinger

No problem.

Gautam Chaudhury

pl contact me.I am in india

Des Nnochiri

Welcome, Irene.

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome to the neighborhood, Irene!

Monica Surrena

hey, nice to meet you:)

Sizt Elilo

Welcome to Stage 32 (Y)

Gary Craig

Welcome Irene!

Sean Fontaine


Chris Lawrence


Phyllis A. Collmann

Phyllis A. Collmann--Thank You--I am the Author of a Wonderful Pioneer Series-the first 2 chapters are written in a Movie Script. Where do I go from here?

Peter Chen

After 25 yrs of doing comedy. I got a rare opportunity to do a true Documentary. It's called "Doolittle Raiders Revisited." Enjoy! Please let me know what you think? Thanks & Please pass it on! Thanks

Gautam Chaudhury

please associate me for India distribution

Richard "RB" Botto

Nice, Peter...Looks great!

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