Introduce Yourself : Hello everyone! by Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

Hello everyone!

I'm Mafê Martin, an aspiring filmmaker based in Espírito Santo, Brazil. I'm almost 20 years old and had my first experiences on film sets at 18. Since then, I have been working on writing any screenplays, messing with different genres such as thriller, sci-fi, drama and comedy.

I have concluded my first project, the short film "White" (2022), now available on YouTube (the link is on my profile!). I want to work more as a freelance PA, to discover more of the industry and understand every single part of film production to become a full time movie director.

I look forward to discovering Stage32, connecting with new people as well as showing all the stories I have to tell. Hope we can all exchange knowledge and experience through this amazing platform. Obrigada!

Amman M. Said

Welcome/Bem Vindo, Maria. Best wishes.

Marcos Fizzotti

Bem vinda, Maria Fernanda!

Shellie Schmals

Hi Maria - congratulations on finishing your first short!

And you can definitely find work here. Stage 32 has a free job board that you can search for any jobs in your profession. To find it, click “Jobs” on the top menu bar, and you can search by profession, location and pay. Here is the link:

Also, you'll be really interested in our screenwriting lounge >>

Cara Rogers

Good to meet you Maria! It's great you got an early start. Great things are coming you way. (about to watch "White" now)

Cara Rogers

Update: loved it Maria! And subscribed to your YouTube channel. Will you be entering various festivals with "White"? I encourage you to do so!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Maria! Congratulations on White! Very well done.

Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

Thank you so much, Amman M. Said !

Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

I will definitely check out those links Shellie Schmals . Thank you so much!

Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

I'm glad you enjoyed Cara Rogers !! I sent my short to 3 festivals and I'm waiting to see if they were selected or not. Hoping for the best!

Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

Thank you Allen Lynch ! I am really glad you liked it <3

Amman M. Said

Ai! O curto e Maravilhoso. Obrigada por postar no STAGE32.

Luca Mannea

Hello Maria, welcome! Looking forward to connect :)

Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin

Obrigada! Fico feliz que gostou :) Amman M. Said

Maurice Vaughan

I watched WHITE, Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin. Wow! Incredible job! It's very visual and unique! I think I know the theme of the film and how the film relates to real life. :)

Amman M. Said

Maurice Vaughan It's like a dream with a message.

Emily J

Hi Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin! So happy you're here! If you're looking to learn more about different production jobs, you should definitely check out the webinars that are on-demand and coverage huge range of different production jobs

Maurice Vaughan

Do you want me to share what I think the theme is and how the film relates to real life, Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin? I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't watched your film yet.

Denis Banovic

Hi Maria Fernanda Vieira Martin, I really like the "colorful" moment. It made me instantly smile. Good job!

Sam Mannetti

Great to meet you Maria! Welcome to Stage 32. I recommend you check out the Writers Room. It's a fantastic resource as you continue to grow your screenwriting skills. DM me for a free month!

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