Introduce Yourself : Hello fellow creatives! by Peter Brabson

Peter Brabson

Hello fellow creatives!

Screenwriter here in D.C.  Truly inspiring to see so many talented people working on their projects and realizing their dreams.  Working on 2 scripts:  one completed  and the other nearly done with the first draft.  As for my genres, thriller and drama (horror/fantasy elements)  Disposable Assets, is set in D.C. during the Eisenhower witch hunt years and A Vegas Christmas Carol .  Also working on a web series called Citizens, based in D.C. in the aftermath of an alien take over of the government.

I worked for the Federal government as an IT consultant so I tell people I am a recovering bureaucrat.    Working into a podcast called, "Confessions of government cube monkey"  It's morphing into a web series with multiple characters so I am always looking for actors in the metro D.C. area.

So all of you talented performers in D.C., hit me up. Your skill and creativity are needed.  This year am planning on working on a few shorts and always open to collaborating with other creative professionals.  

Andy Maycock

Hey, Peter. I'm in upstate NY and no help to you in DC, but your projects sound like a good blend of things. If you're ever looking for feedback, reach out. I'm always happy to read new and intriguing stuff.

Rowen Bridler

Hi Peter - it's great that you've finished one of your screenplays and you're doing a podcast! Congrats!

Peter Brabson

Thanks folks. Appreciate the positive feedback. And Andy, I might take you up on your offer.

James Matthew Chauvin

Peter wish I could join you in your creative endeavors. If ever in Houston look me up.

Peter Brabson

Hey James, thanks man. Appreciate that. Best wishes with all your creative work.

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