Introduce Yourself : Hello fellow members! A little 'Bonjour' from France! by Quentin Dupuy

Quentin Dupuy

Hello fellow members! A little 'Bonjour' from France!

Hi everyone,

I've been a member of Stage32 for quite some time, so I think it was about time that I introduce myself here!

Well, let's be honest, it's never easy to say hi on the Internet but here we go: my name is Quentin and I am a filmmaker and actor from France!

I did a couple a short films, won some awards, and lately I've been working on my new web series called 'Or Not!' about movie clichés (available here, with English subtitles of course ;) => ).

I'm currently looking for producers for my feature(s) projects, but who isn't? :)

I'd love to meet and connect with people from the industry all around the globe, so thank you Stage32 to give us the possibility to do that!

All the best & thank you for reading this!


Dan Cassell

Greetings Quentin. And ‘Hello’ from just across the channel :)

Clare Keogh


Dianne Politud

Bonjour Quentin, Bienvenue! Not sure if I did it right. Anyway... :)

Allen Lynch

Welcome Quentin & Bonne Chance!

Quentin Dupuy

Thank you for your messages! "Bienvenue" is right ;)

Andrey Savchenko

Welcome Quentin. Thank you for nice introduction.

Quentin Dupuy

Thank you Andrey!

Chad Stroman


Aray Brown

Nice to meet you Quentin

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