Introduce Yourself : Hello friends (Jim Nantz voice) by Keith Hannigan

Keith Hannigan

Hello friends (Jim Nantz voice)

My Screenwriting Coach and amazing woman Lee Jessup suggested that I build my community. Located in South Glens Falls, it's quite difficult to find other like minded people, especially when your mind creates fictitious worlds, with fictitious people, being subjected to exceptional things. So here I am, and there you are, so lets be friends. And yes, my desperation knows no bounds.

Gourav Chakraborty

Hello Keith! Welcome to this amazing community! The best part about this forum is that even when you feel alone and vulnerable, you can open it and seek motivation from the stories of like-minded people, whom you do not even know, spread all across the globe. Best wishes for an amazing 2018!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Keith!

Dawn Gonchar

Welcome Keith! I'm familiar with Lee Jessup; her webinars, blogs and videos are inspiring :) Stage32 is an awesome place to network and meet amazing people. Check out the Screenwriting lounge!

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