Introduce Yourself : Hello from Los Angeles by Dawn Cobalt

Dawn Cobalt

Hello from Los Angeles

Hey everyone! I'm a born and raised Southern California native. I am a Director and Producer. I am always looking for great stories to make in film. You can view my two award winning shorts here: I am always looking for great people to add to my team. Hit me up! Dawn Cobalt

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Dawn Cobalt

Hey Brandi I am good. Been busy but that's how I like it. How are you doing? Are you working on anything new?

Richard "RB" Botto

Great to see you, Dawn!

Dawn Cobalt

Hey Richard, Thanks for all you do here. I actually wanted to talk to you about some content that I write that you may want to use. hit me up at Thanks

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Dawn! If you are speaking to possible blog content, can you drop a line to Rosalind at - She handles all our blog content! Looking forward to seeing what you have drummed up!

Dawn Cobalt

Will do RB. Looking forward to your monthly webinar.

Bryan Atkinson

Hi Dawn! I appreciate your desire to make great stories with film! I have a similar passion with writing music for such films. I would love to talk about the possibility of future collabotations. You can visit my website at Best regards!

Bryan Atkinson

Beautiful website as well!

Fleurette M Van Gulden

Hi Dawn, Do you venture into any genre.

Sarah Schulz

Lovely website, and now I really want to see Out Smart! :)

Dawn Cobalt

Bryan: I feel music is so important to a film. I will check out your work this week. Fleurette: I like all genres. It's the story that counts. Sararh: Here is Out Smart for your viewing pleasure,

Lauren McEntyre

Hey Dawn! Great site! I miss Cali! How is it out there?

Maxwell Highsmith

Hey. Checked out your website! Very, very pretty! SWALK looks good and the awards confirm what you knew when you wrote it-it is great piece . Continue to keep creating. You make all of us Creative Types proud.

Dawn Cobalt

Actually Sarah this is the link: That other one is for the deleted scene. Lauren: Cali is great like always. Enjoying the rain when we get it. Maxwell: To be honest I did not write SWALK but did direct it. I do get very involved with my writers though. Thanks for the complement.

Richard Willett

Dawn, your shorts are amazing. My two short scripts alas are both under option so I can't send them to you. But let's connect!

Christine Koehler

Great site, Dawn! If you're interested in family drama's, I've posted a video pitch on my site!

Dawn Cobalt

Hey Richard, thanks!! If the options run out let me know. Yes let's hook up and talk film since we are both local. email me at Christine I am totally interested. Send me treatments to the email above.

Ashley Moore

Hi Dawn, nice to meet you on 32.

Alex Chester

Welcome Dawn!

Dawn Cobalt

Hey Ashley and Alex, good to meet you!

Ashley Moore

Hi Alex.

Rosalind Winton

Welcome to the site Dawn, it's a great place for making connections and looking at the great opportunities that are presented here.

Jimmy Francis

Hi Dawn, if your interested, I've written a roughly 30 minute screenplay based on my stand-up act that I'd like to shoot as an indie short film/possible backdoor sitcom pilot.

Dawn Cobalt

Rosalind, Yes this site is awesome. I have meet and worked with some great people that I have meet through it. Jimmy yes I would love to take a look. Send to

Padma Narayanaswamy

Hi Dawn I am Padma Narayanaswamy and I write crossover feature scripts.I have completed a few scripts viz A RACE TO THE SENATOR,MY INDIAN SISTER, HUMAN BONDING &A GORI IN BOLLYWOOD. I read the present trend in Hollywood is women centric . My scripts aptly fit into this category. My scripts are both entertaining and wholesome. I look forward to hear from you and thanks

John Dawson

Hi Dawn. Good to meet you and know you here. Am brand new to Stage 32 myself. I've two screenplays up on The Black List now that got very positive reader evaluations. Feel free to check them out: a screwball caper comedy called 'What Goes around' and a neo-noir psychological thriller entitled 'Love Infernal'. Stay in touch. Cheers. JD

Pamela Bolinder

Dawn, hi!

James Pappoe Jr

Hi Dawn. Even though this was posted 3 years ago, still wanted to say hi.

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