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Jan Evans

Hello from SoCA

Hi-- I'm a screenwriter from the Pasadena area. I was a script supervisor for a long time, now I write. I write period movies, Civil War, Indian Wars. You know, the kind nobody in Hollywood wants to touch. Yet, I persevere. I like serious drama, the grey areas of war, conflicted people, and love. I follow the cavalry. I love a good horse, a nice whiskey, I collect vintage firearms, and pens. So there you have it. I've introduced myself. :)

LB McGill

Welcome Jan!

Jan Evans


Egypt Reale

I used to live in Pasadena great city.

Nick Griffin

Hi Jan! Great to hear you continue to persevere. Sometimes success is just over the next bump. Best of luck. Nice to meet you. :-)

David Ingrassano

Hi Jan. Sounds interesting. Do you write female leads for these period pieces? I'm sure there's a ton of female producer's who would latch on to that.

Jan Evans

I do. Strong female leads. Young women learning to rely on themselves, understand who they are, and are the equals of their men. I like women who break from convention, and the Victorian time period was rule-bound for women. So, I like to see my characters think for themselves, follow their hearts, break the boundaries, realistically, be they an aristocratic young woman in love with a cavalry officer, a Cheyenne girl who fights for peace with her white husband, or a WV mountain girl struggling alone across the US to archive her dead lover's dream. But so far, I get shrug "Yeah, we like it, but a period film? Horses? Nah, nobody wants that. Ya got a thriller for me to read? Maybe a drug heist? Vampires? How about a romantic comedy?" Female producers out there? Are you reading this?

Cara Bamford

I think that's awesome. Love it.

Marty Wolff

Sounds great Jan!

Simon © Simon

Welcome Jan. I love a good horse boxed with 3 others too!

Jan Evans


Jan Evans

Thanks Alle. I'm not sure how interesting I am, but I am an unusual woman. I'm not real comfortable with Skype, but I'm very good with email. I know you're a long way away, and the time zone is thing is a hindrance.

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