Introduce Yourself : Hello from this actor and writer! by Monica Mansy

Monica Mansy

Hello from this actor and writer!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to drop a line and introduce myself. I'm an actor and writer, born and raised in Houston, TX. I grew up loving the arts: from ballet, tap and playing the viola, I always found great joy in creating. Five years ago, I tried an acting class for fun and little did I know, I found that I absolutely loved it! I went on to produce and star in two short films and also coordinated production on a couple feature films. A few months ago, I thought I'd try my hand at writing. It had been so long that I'd been on set or in my acting studio, I needed to be a part of the film world that. Again, I had no idea how much I'd end up loving it, but it's been an amazing outlet. That's when I really started to delve into what Stage 32 is really all about... and y'all... I just can't imagine not having this amazing community of people in my life! I'm so happy to be here!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Monica! Good to see you, hon! Aww, thank you so much for the kind words, that really means a lot! We're grateful to have you in the community!

I think I had forgotten that you're from Houston - most of my extended family is there! Well... Conroe, Katy, etc, but that's TX for ya! LOL! And Houston is a HUGE hub for the arts! I also forgot you've got a talk show - how cool is that!

Couple of questions...

1) If you could act in any film in any role, what would it be and why?

2) Do you write a part for yourself when you write scripts?

3) When are we going to review one of your scripts for The Coverage Report in the WR?! I'm digging this Queendom Rising concept!

Morrison James

Hello Monica Mansy, nice to meet you on Stage 32. Great community. M.J

Petula Miller

Monica Mansy Writers’ Room represent! :) I loved learning these new details Monica! Always great to see you in the room. Here’s to hoping that the weekend is kinder to those of us in TX.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Karen "Kay" Ross! I'm so grateful for you. You're always so generous and kind!

So cool! Yes, we have so many little cities that are in what we call the Greater Houston Area. We have an AMAZING art hub: The Alley, TUTS, our symphony, ballet and a second-to-none museum district... I could go on and on!

How's your family during our winter storm?

Thank you <3 I do have a talk show that I love doing and hope to be able to do more shows very soon!

OOH... I love these questions! Here goes:

1. I would love to play a role in the grey... think "Gone Girl"... I don't know if that's the greatest example, but one I can think of right now. I love characters who probably do some really bad things, but you can't help but side with them. It's confusing and familiar and all very human.

2. I sometimes write parts that I think are meant for me, but not always. I do always try to be honest with myself to best serve the work.

3.OOHH... Thank you! I'm still developing "Queendom Rising," even changing the logline. I have the first 16 pages of it, but want to nail down the true story I'm trying to tell... I love that you love this one, because I think this is my most precious! "Following Socio Path" is an important one for me too. I wrote the first act or so, but I'm going back to outlining and starting over after taking the webinar: Outlining Your Script to Find Your Story with Steve Desmond. I'll do the same with "Queendom Rising" and I hope to share them all with you soon!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

Monica Mansy

Hi, Morrison James! Nice to meet you as well!

Monica Mansy

Hi, Aray Brown! So nice to see you!

Sandeep Sharma

Monica, could not agree more Karen "Kay" Ross is one of a kind!

Monica Mansy

Petula Miller! My fellow Writers' Room and Texas comrade! I always love being in the Room with you too! Thank you for taking a minute to read and I loved sharing! Oh, sheesh - so grateful for all our Texans getting a little break this weekend. <3

Richard "RB" Botto

Love having you and all the energy you bring in the community, Monica!

Monica Mansy

Thank you, Richard "RB" Botto! I love being here and am SO grateful for the community you and the entire Stage 32 team have sown and continue to cultivate daily.

David C. Velasco

Welcome Monica!

Naomi Kuagben

Hello Monica,

I am an arts loving all-rounder like you. It's wonderful that you've found another creative outlet in writing. Love your positive energy.

Angela Cristantello

Awfully grateful to have you here, Monica :)

Kelley Costigan

Hey there! Great stuff. Wish you all the very best!

Luciano Mello

I'm glad you took a chance five years ago. You achieve so much since then, very inspiring.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Naomi Kuagben! It's so nice to meet a fellow lover-of-all-arts! Thank you much and so happy to connect with you!

Monica Mansy

Angela Cristantello! I adore you... so happy to be here with you! <3

Monica Mansy

Hi, Kelley Costigan! Thank you so much and you as well!

Louisa Kendrick Burton

Monica Mansy, I too went the performing route. I've actually performed many times in Houston with a few National Tours...AND I played the Violin for a bit. I gave it up for long decorated fingernails...I was a teen trying to fit it. Nice to get to know you little better.

Monica Mansy

Thank you, Luciano Mello, for the encouragement! You're an inspiration for me too. I love hearing your pitches in the Room!

Monica Mansy

Louisa Kendrick Burton, so cool you've performed here in Houston! Violin! Oh yes... the dreaded, "You need to cut your nails" LOL! That's too funny. Thank you for taking a minute; I loved sharing.

Jeff Rohrick

Hope you've gotten your power back on!

Gary Jeanty

I will go straight to the point no need to waste time. I am looking for someone I can hire and even be a co-writer by inserting my script into a final draft software. I am sure you're wondering why I can't do that myself, but unfortunately, I have been studying with my schooling. I seek someone who can do the editing, dialogue and format it in motion picture format. The details in partnering up with me consist of being compensated. You will automatically be my co-writer, meaning you will get credits. If the script is picked up by a production company or sold, I will make sure there is a contract in place stating you're my writing partner in the project. Any funds released on my behalf have your attorney and my attorney draw up a contract that we are both paid equally. If this interests you, please respond as I have so many written scripts, but sadly they were written on paper.

Eric Graciano

Much love! Monica Mansy =)

Monica Mansy

Jeff Rohrick, whew! So grateful to be on the other side of that!

Monica Mansy

Thank you, Eric Graciano! Same to you!

Vanessa Chamberlain

Welcome to the family. :)

Alexandra Jimenez


Monica Mansy

Thank you, Alexandra Jimenez!

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