Introduce Yourself : Hello, it's great to be back! by Alexandre Ross

Alexandre Ross

Hello, it's great to be back!

Hello everyone,

I last used Stage 32 around 4 years ago before leaving the platform to study. After taking a few workshops and networking with a few people at a few events, and hearing how much Stage 32 has grown as a platform, I thought now was a great time to jump back in. I'm an actor/writer based in London. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of this site and meeting/connecting with new people!

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully hear from some of you soon

Donal Fogarty

Hi Alexandre

What a great endorsement of Stage32 that you´re rejoining after 4 years - it must have left an impression.

Congrats on completing your studies. I just finished my Masters.

The good news is I got a distinction. The bad news is it´s a distinction in teaching academic writing not screenwriting. My dissertation proposal to examine writers block was unfortunately rejected by supervisor.

Anyway, I´m pleased to have finished and the plan now is to pivot to screenwriting. Hence, my newbie status at Stage32.

Nice to meet you and have great weekend.

Phil Clarke

Welcome back, Alexandre. Here if I can be of any support.

Jodi Rath

Welcome back! Best of luck with your creative pursuits!

Alexandre Ross

Hello, Donal, Phil and Jodi and thank you for the warm welcome.

Donal, indeed it did leave an impression and Stage 32 is a lot different than when I left! The webinars I've had a chance to do have all been excellent so far. Congrats on completing your masters. Best of luck with the script writing.

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