Introduce Yourself : Hello stage 32 by Meg Stone

Hello stage 32

I have been cajoled into trying out stage 32. I am not in the industry... yet, but I think I might like to have some part in it. It looks like it can be fun, with some luck and a lot of hard work!

I have done some writing: books, music, academic papers - and have been approached by movie people about some of my stuff, which has me thinking more about film and tv as a creative outlet and form of story telling.

What do I want to get from stage 32 and your community? Well, once I know what's here, I'll have a better idea, but for a start, I'd like to try my hand and screenwriting, and learning more about how it works, from 'story to screen'. What kinds of stories make it, what don't, and maybe 'why'. And ultimately, make some new friends on this journey.

That's it for now. Let the adventure begin....


Hiya, I'm Meg

Pam Oyka

Meg!? You took my advice. You'll see, this place is great.

Chaun Lee

Welcome Meg. This is the perfect place for someone with your background and passion for writing. If you're serious and would like to become a part of our Writer's Room which meets every Wednesday, feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch,, Director of Script Services. He can get you signed up or at least help you navigate through what's available here based on your needs and goals. 'Happy to have you with us!

Erik Meyers

welcome! It is a wonderful place

Meg Stone

Thank you, Erik Meyers ! I think I just added myself to your network.

Erik Meyers

great! thanks!

Rhonda R Fletcher

Welcome Meg!

Rachel Ochsen

Welcome ! It's so good to try a new career direction. You got this!

Hanna Strauss

It's a great place to network. But if you don't have deep pockets you may want to consider being conservative with paying for alot of evaluations and critiques. There are small pockets of members that share free constructive webinars and Zoom gatherings that are worth seeking.

Chaun Lee

@Hanna Strauss, I see you're in Tucson - that's where I'm from :) Small world. It's nice to have you with us as well!!!

Hanna Strauss

Nice to meet you too!

James Welday

Hi Meg, pleased to meet you!

Lyssa Rayne

Hello, and welcome!

Meg Stone

@Hanna Strauss - > There are small pockets of members that share free constructive webinars and Zoom gatherings

I majorly want to know more about that! Thanks for bringing it up.

Debbie Elicksen

Books and music are two of the main ingredients to screenplays. This is a great community to discover ideas, connections, and motivation. Welcome aboard!

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